7_Day_Challenge_Logo_For_Web_17 DAY CHALLENGE!  We’ve seen your videos of pouring water on your heads (in fact, you can watch Jessica’s video here!).  We’ve watched those status updates where you “like” the 30 day challenges that test the strength of your legs, core, arms and upper body…sometimes to the point of injury (you can read why here). Now we have a challenge for you.  You have 7 days to make it happen.  Read more about this 7 day challenge at our latest blog post!    


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ambassadorbadgeWe are proud to announce…that Jessica & Shannon at The Journey are both I’m Fit Possible Ambassadors.

…you can find more of our personal articles at the I’m Fit Possible website…as well as lots of other people that are doing this same type of stuff.  :)  So many ideas and tips out there!