Workout #1

It’s here! The first workout for The Journey.


Click on the picture or the link at the bottom of the post to see the workout.

What is the goal for this workout … it is simple … it is to get you moving, figure out where that comfort zone is and also what you are capable of doing. Everyone has to have a starting point.

How long will it take? That really depends on you … but it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Do this at least 3 times this week and next week.

What is included? Three exercises and a place to track them. Just print this off (link below), stick it on your fridge, bathroom mirror or somewhere to help remind you to take 15 minutes for yourself.

What if I can’t do one of the exercises or do that many reps? That is OK!  Just do as many as you can. Write down how many you can do, and next time just try to beat that number. As you get stronger you will think that it is getting easier and you will be able to do more.

Questions? Send us a message on Facebook!

Click the link below:

The Journey Workout 1


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