Marketing Maddness

Our world is really inundated with the “get skinny”, “get rich” fast type of scenarios.

Just this morning I got 5 different e-mails/feeds that talked about what exercises I should be doing to get “killer abs”, the “beach ready body” or “workouts that satisfy cardio and yoga buffs”.  It is 10am.  10 AM! The whole day is still ahead of me to make me feel guilty for the imperfect body that I must currently have if all of this e-mail is coming towards me.
Everyone seems to know the answer on how to look great and what to eat.  Here are a few of my favorite marketing campaigns on weightloss:

Another one of my favorites is a pill that you take before bed that is supposed to magically get rid of your fat for you while you sleep.  I heard the ad for this on the radio for about 3 entire months, every morning as I was coming home from the gym.  It was just a little ironic.
The next couple of weeks on The Journey we will be dissecting the “get ___” fast type of marketing plugs and will discover the truth on how to get healthy and what healthy actually means.
Here are a few topics we will be touching on:
  • Drop 10 pounds before Valentine’s Day! (The truth about the number on the scale)
  • Get killer abs! (The truth about doing specific exercises for specific areas of fat reduction)
  • Get a swimsuit ready body! (The truth about body bashing)
  • Drop 2 dress sizes in just 3 weeks without exercising!  (The truth on how to lose weight)
We want you to be inspired, motivated and see success with the changes that you have in mind for yourself.  Take a second and either follow The Journey or sign-up to receive updates via e-mail!  We also have a few other groups where you can find us…Facebook and Fitocracy.
Thanks for joining us on The Journey!

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