If You Are Here…You Are Awesome!


That’s right…You Are Awesome!  We truly are thankful for those that are with us at The Journey…and we just wanted to take a moment and say thanks!

Monday is just around the corner and to help us get ready for the week I wanted to share another part of my story that is a little more recent.  This might get you excited to hit the gym or do some more at home to get you moving…because new things challenge us and work areas of our body and mind that might be a bit on the rusty side.

This story really has about a million parts to it but I’m just going to touch on how I first started boxing and then this past week.

I’ve been taking boxing classes since about September at a local boxing gym.  I wouldn’t be in this class it if wasn’t for a friend of mine encouraging me to sign up.  She is a bit of a fitness guru and has every type of exercise equipment that most people have only heard about…but never really tried.  (That would be me!)  I had absolutely no idea what this class would be like, didn’t know the instructors, didn’t even know where the class was at in our town…I was very skeptical, I was nervous and I wasn’t sure I would like it at all.

At the first class I was hooked…this class was for me.  It was very hard but in a very fun type of way.  I was hitting the bags for about a minute at a time with big breaks in between, we were doing crunches (at that point it was just as many as we could…which was about 10 at the time), different types of leg exercises that helped build our core and some other very simple conditioning work.  Who knew I would like a class like this!?  You can click on this link to read about my story about my first day of boxing class.

Well, I think the big guy upstairs knew that this was a place that I needed to be.  Fitness wise…I was in a rut and knew that I needed something new to get off the plateau that I was on.  I was at the same weight FOREVER (or at least it seemed that way) and I couldn’t figure out how to change that on my own.  There are other aspects of this gym that also are appealing to me…the encouragement from the group members is more like a club of friends.  As we are hitting and practicing different types of activities we are encouraging each other.  Sometimes we are clapping, sometimes we are yelling “come on _____, get him!”, we have hi-fives, fist bumps and just great conversation that has built a great team in this class.  The instructor also is real with us.  He has told us his goals for his life, what he does to help others and he really is a role model for a lot of kids.  I think what really caught my attention right away on the first class was the pile of Bibles on the shelves against the wall.  This boxing instructor is not only helping us but is helping kids that are coming in off of the streets, working with them on their boxing (not street fighting!) and then does a Bible study with them too.  Yep…gotta support this guy.

We have had 2 sessions of boxing classes now (almost 20 weeks total!) and a third is starting up again.  We have had a lot of people bring in one friend every now and then to check out the class and see if it is something that they might like.  I asked if I could ask around and see if people might want to come and I was given the “Yes!”.  So, I threw a message out on Facebook.  Want to guess what happened next?

Jessica boxingThree friends came with me on Saturday to class (I’m the sweaty person on the right) and I’m pretty sure that they are a bit on the sore side today.  🙂  As they walked in the gym I saw all of the expressions on their faces and heard the same comments that I had before I started this class.  Seeing an actual boxing ring and going inside of it was so intimidating the first time…and that doesn’t even touch on what it is like to put on gloves for the first time and hitting a person!  That makes me sound a bit on the evil side…really, I’m not evil.  

My friends showed up, had fun, tried something new and had a good workout…and they are awesome!  I think these friends might be joining me in the next class too.  🙂

If you are here at The Journey, regardless of where you are at with your journey…you are here…and you are awesome!  I just wanted to make sure you knew that today.

You can be awesome with us on Facebook too…you can find The Journey here!  We love the “likes”!


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