Roasted Vegetables…Got. To. Try!

Time for a little food talk!

I know as a mom I need recipes that are easy, fast and something that my picky eaters will actually put in their mouths.  Every meal is not always a happy meal at our dinner table so finding a balance between good food, healthy food and something that is tasty for all my little people can sometimes be a battle.  Am I right, moms?

Try roasted vegetables.

I haven’t been a lover of vegetables but have learned to love them and now I crave this recipe (I’m not gonna lie…these don’t taste like french fries…they taste so much better!).  Here is how to make a food that I truly enjoy:

  1. Cut up carrots, asparagus (put these in maybe halfway through), parsnips (if they aren’t too expensive at the time), green beans and have also put in sweet potatoes.
  2. Add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some rosemary (I LOVE rosemary!), pepper if I feel like it and sometimes onions or whatever else I might want to add or have on hand.
  3. Roast these for 45 minutes to an hour in a pan or baking sheet and stir them once in awhile.
  4. I add grilled chicken in them usually too but not too early because it gets too dry.

A few shopping/cooking tips:

  • if you have a Sam’s or Costco nearby…see if there are organic or bulk items of these ingredients.  When I cook these items I tend to make a big batch of this so I have it on hand for a few meals throughout the week.
  • to save time you can buy baby carrots in a bag.  Just open the bag and throw them in the mix.  No peeling or cutting.
  • I have used regular potatoes before but I have changed my thinking on that type of food…mostly because of the carbs in them and how my body handles regular potatoes.  Today I will only eat a sweet potato or half of one if I have done strength training that morning at the gym and will eat it as soon as I am home or within an hour or so after my workout.  I workout in the morning so this means that I sometimes have sweat potatoes for breakfast or as a morning snack.

To see my original blog post click on any of these words.  The post is an oldie but a goodie and has a few ideas what else you can do at home too to get you moving a little bit more.  Caution…I’m a little sassy as I wrote.  This post was from November 2011 and I was just finishing up 4 really hard weeks of exercising and trying to figure out some nutrition things out which was really tough for me at the time.  Enjoy!


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