Busy Mom Tip: How to store sheets

I have 1 closet in my house that is organized and that I am proud of…my linen closet.

Our towels, washcloths, sheets, hand towels and some toiletries are all located in this closet.

I have done four things to make this closet work and stay organized:

  • small basket on a shelf that holds all of our washcloths
  • we only have enough towels in this house that can actually fit in the closet comfortably.
  • we have mostly white towels and white sheets (except flannel…hard to find white flannel sheets).
  • our sheet sets are stored in their pillowcases.  No more hunting and searching for those matching bed sheets.

I did not think of this idea myself but wanted to share this tip for you.  Now I open up our linen closet and I dont’ feel overwhelmed with towels stuffed all over and sheets everywhere.  Having all white makes it easy to wash everything all at once too.

Where did I get this tip?


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One thought on “Busy Mom Tip: How to store sheets

  1. Cori D.

    Would you believe that we actually have two sets of white flannel sheets in our house. Found them on clearance at Target once. 😉 Nice tips!



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