Workout #2…with a giveaway!

Workout #2 by The JourneyWorkout #2 is now available!  See the picture and the link below to print off your copy…for FREE!  At the bottom of this page learn about our giveaway for February!

The Journey Workout 2

How long will this workout take? That really depends on you … but it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Do this at least 3 times this week and next week.  I will be honest with you…parts of this will seem harder than workout #1 and here is a secret…it is supposed to challenge you.  If this workout doesn’t challenge you…add more reps or sets so it is challenging.  The first time I ever did a push-up was exactly like this workout explains.  The first time I tried to do a plank I could hold it just about 10 seconds.  Squats might make your legs feel funny and tired but really…that is just your legs letting you know that they haven’t been worked like that in awhile and they are thanking you for bringing them back to life.  You CAN do this…trust me!

What is included? Four exercises and a place to track them. Just print this off, stick it on your fridge, bathroom mirror or somewhere to help remind you to take 20 minutes for yourself at least 3 times a week.

What if I can’t do one of the exercises or do that many reps? That is OK!  Just do as many as you can. Write down how many you can do, and next time just try to beat that number. As you get stronger you will be able to more and your mind will be telling you that these exercises are just getting easier.  Fact is…you are really just getting stronger and in better shape!

What Do I Get if I Actually Do This?  You mean…besides getting healthier?!  Ok…I can tell that there are some people that are motivated and others that are needing a push to get going.  To keep you all motivated…and to give some of you a kick in the rear…we are working on prizes for those that actually do the workouts.  Yes…not only will you get healthier and stronger BUT you may win something if you track the exercises.  

February Prize:  Walk Off Weight book by Prevention.  (It’s a bad picture but…it is sitting right next to February Giveaway!me as I am typing this so at least you know this giveaway is real!)  This is a 175 page book that was sold for $9.99 and it has some great info for anyone ready to make some changes.

How do you win?  Complete 2 weeks of workout #2 in February 2013.  That is just 6 workouts.  Here are the rules:

  1. You must track your workouts on the tracking sheets.  So…print off the workout sheet 2 times and you will have a sheet for week 1 and another sheet for week 2.  Black and white printing works just fine so don’t worry about color.
  2. Please put the date on each day that you did the exercises.
  3. All workouts must be submitted to Jessica via e-mail at  Please put “The Journey” in the subject line.  You can either scan them in or take a photo of them and e-mail the photo to me.
  4. Deadline to submit your tracking forms is February 25th.
  5. Winner will be drawn from those that turned in their tracking sheets and will be announced February 26th.

Side note:  the notebook that I use to track my workouts is mine.  I make all sorts of marks in it, notes to help me remember what I didn’t do so well with today that I should focus more on the next day, personal victories or personal goals that I have get huge smiley’s or stars when I know I worked hard.  Use these tracking sheets for you.  Put your notes on them and make them yours.  Taking good notes through the journey will not only show you how far you have come when you go to look back at them but will also help you improve with each exercise.

It really is simple…you do the work, you will get results and you might win something for actually participating.

Questions? Send us a message on Facebook, write a comment on this post or send a note through the contact info on our About page.

Side note #2:  We are looking for fitness related items to giveaway or fun stuff that women like.  Do you have a contact with someone who sells books, fitness gear or clothing, jewelry or other things for women?  Let us know!  Maybe you are one of those people or you have a stash at your house of items.  We’d love to chat with you.  😉  We disclose all who are sponsors with us and will gladly help promote those items and companies that see how important The Journey is for women.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!



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