I weigh what?…seriously?

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Someone I know…who will remain nameless…has this type of strategy for losing weight:

“I have a physical on Friday.  I am going to eat really good Monday, Tuesday…well, maybe good, I have a party to go to one of those days for a birthday…and then see what my weight is on Wednesday.  If I’m not happy with the number I will just not eat much Wednesday and Thursday so I can weigh less when I go in to the doctor right away on Friday morning.  When I’m done with my physical I am going to go get a donut because I deserve it.”

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That was an actual conversation…said to me just a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately this is a train of thought that many women seem to have in our culture today.

I’ll crash diet…or in other words “not really eat a substantial amount of food for my body to function” and that will help me lose weight really fast.  

I am going to crash your reality for a moment and just let you know that this is WRONG!  You might think that this is working but not only are you confusing your metabolism each time you crash diet but you are making all sorts of other imbalances happen in your body.  One specific thing that is going on (pay attention to this!) is you are telling your body that you are starving.  In return your body is going to hold on to every fat molecule that it can because it thinks you are actually starving and will need the fat source in the future because food won’t be available to you.  As you drop a few pounds because of this type of crash diet you actually are adding fat to your body.  Yep…real smart dieting that us Americans seem to think works.

Just for fun let’s take this scenario of our own home and a doctors office and see how we might be adding a few extra pounds on our bodies between our house and the doctors office a few hours later.  This is not every way possible but is a few:

  • at home…you probably aren’t wearing much…am I right?   At the doctor…you are most likely fully clothed and sometimes even have shoes on.  Shoes right there are at least 2 pounds.  🙂  If you need them to be 5 for your own calculations…make them 5 but let’s be realistic…who has 5 pound shoes.
  • most people do eat food or drink something in the morning.  Food and water, coffee, pop…whatever you consumed does have weight to it.  You might be drinking a diet soda or a water but that still has weight that is going to be added to your body.
  • what did you eat the day before?  Anything with some salt in it?  Your body soaks up water like a sponge when you consume salt.  So.. the scale might seem to have added a few pounds because of the amount of salt that you ate.  Look up those sodium amounts on what you are putting in your mouth.
  • stress.  Every body is different and when stress is included in a daily situation your weight will most likely fluctuate.
  • your bathroom experience.  (remember…I said we were going to be real on this blog…well, here you go).  You already know that if you go to the bathroom…#1 or #2…that you will lose a little bit more weight.  What goes in must go out at some point, unless it is turned into fuel or fat for your body.  Did you go to the bathroom before you weighed yourself?

As you are stepping on a scale and noticing that there are some fluctuations in your weight day to day…remember that the reasons above might just be why .  Better yet…put the scale away and just ignore it for awhile.  We have a challenge going on to put the scale away for a number of days.  Think you could do it?  You can find that challenge here.

By the way…in order to burn 17,500 calories, which would equal 5 pounds…the average person would need to do jumping jacks for 35 hours.

Join Jessica and Cori on The Journey.  Follow this site and stay on track with your journey with us!

Questions?  Feel free to send us a message or leave a comment…we will write you back.  🙂


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