Inspiration from Rochester, MN

Inspiring stories about others and their accomplishments always seem to light a fight under my rear to get up, move faster and actually pay attention to the foods I am putting into my mouth.  Today is one of those days where you have the opportunity to learn about someone else and their journey…this time it is several people and two that I have had the pleasure to know personally.

I live in Rochester, MN and if you know anything about Minnesota at all you know 2 things:

  1. The Mall of America is here (about 70 minutes from my house and I used to live about 10 minutes from it also)
  2. Mayo Clinic is also located in Minnesota.
  3. the third is a tie between…it snows, it is cold in the winter and the Spam Museum  🙂

Rochester is home of Mayo Clinic so there are literally hundreds of doctors and future doctors roaming around this town and thousands of nurses.  Seeing people in scrubs and white coats is just a normal thing here.  You would think that in a town with one of the best hospitals that we would all have health figured out or it would be told to us constantly.  Ahhh…nope.

Mayo Clinic had a few people I know take part in a PBS special about The Mayo Clinic Diet that they feature.  Disclaimer:  I haven’t read all about this diet but know that it involves changes which eventually lead to success.  Sound familiar?  Have I seen this diet work for people?  Yes!

According to the video:

  • currently 1/3 of the population (not just Rochester…your towns too, people!) are obese.
  • 2/3 of the population are classified as overweight.
  • That is a lot of people and a lot of health problems currently being experienced and health problems for the future of these individuals…not to mention the early onset of failing to exist on this planet any more.  😦

I have had the privilege of knowing Pam in the video and have met her friend, Jan, who is also featured.  Jan and Pam also put together a workout for a group I used to be part of and this was when I was at my heaviest…80 pounds ago.  It was mostly bodyweight exercises and holy cow…it was tough!  I remember not being able to do a plank as everyone else was able to hold the move for what seemed like an eternity.

Take a moment and view the video clip, see the before and after pics and get some inspiration that YES…you CAN do this too!

I can’t tell you what is going to ultimately work for you or make your mind finally click that makes you say…”Hey, I am not a healthy person…I need to make some changes.”  You will know when that spark actually gets you though because once it does you are not going to stop until you reach that goal you have for yourself!

Thanks for being part of The Journey!


Do you have an inspiring story that you would like to share with The Journey?  Give us a comment, send us a message and let us know!  We would love to share your journey with others.


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