Fit Kid Activity #1

Childhood obesity…it is killing our kids and this is something that we can stop.  The Journey wants to provide you with the tools to make some changes with our kids and you can start right now!

Right now the stats say that our generation of kids will be dead before some of us.  Their life span is less than ours because of childhood obesity.  How sad is that?  Not only are the foods that we are giving our kids decreasing their chances of a long life but the fact that we aren’t an active culture and moving as much as the previous generations is also a big part of this puzzle.

Do you need some numbers to prove the point that US kids are getting fat?  Here are the statistics to prove it…our kids our becoming overweight and obese and the numbers have actually more than doubled in the last 30 years.  Our poor kids!  Here’s more about the “Health Effects of Childhood Obesity” that was written by the CDC:

Childhood obesity has both immediate and long-term effects on health and well-being.

Immediate health effects:

Just like anyone though…change can happen…even in our kids’ little bodies and minds.  Let’s get kids to start now with little steps and they too will be happier and healthier in the years to come.

What can we do to help our kids exercise?

Every couple of weeks The Journey will be sharing tips on fun and simple ways for kids to start getting active and moving and one specific thing we have done the last week with our own kids. (Yes people, this is child tested…mom approved!)

my kiddos working on their plank form

Fit Kid Activity #1

Family Plank Night!  Ok, this is more of a family activity but trust me, if your kids see you doing planks they will try it too.  I wrote about this almost a year ago with some info on how to properly do a plank…you can find it at this link.

What to do?

  1. Pick 1 or 2 nights a week where you have a set time to do planks.  This could be just after dinner, before bedtime routines or if you are home during the day it could be a great morning activity.
  2. Crank up some fun tunes to help the kids get excited.
  3. Lay on the floor and do a front plank.  Hold the plank for 10 or 15 seconds at first.  Give lots of praise to the kiddos (even if you are not having a fun time!) and let them know how good of a job they did.
  4. Repeat this a total of 3 times…and the last time have the kids hold it as long as they can.
  5. Have fun!

Let us know if you try planks with your kids!  Photos can be posted on our Facebook page too…have you been there yet?  In case you aren’t one of our “likes” yet, please go visit us at  

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3 thoughts on “Fit Kid Activity #1

  1. Kristine

    Make it a (fun) competition even. My kids like to challenge each other on how long they can remain quiet on a car ride or how long they can hold there breath under water at the pool. Have a contest to see who can hold a plank the longest! 🙂


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