Our Top Picks

our-top-picksHere are some good reads for your weekend personally selected by The Journey!

Cori’s Picks…

Hello Mornings is a site that challenges moms to get up before their kids for a little time of exercise, Bible reading and/or making a few plans for the day. The writers there currently have a series going on about tips for learning to get up earlier in the morning. My kids were my alarm clock for years, but I’m finding the best way for me to exercise is to do it before they need me in the morning. There are lots of great tips about slow, gradual change to becoming a morning person, so you know I have to recommend it. ūüôā

I truly enjoy the writing of Ann Voskamp. Her writing style takes a bit of time to get used to, but this post is pure poetry for all you moms out there. The God Made Farmers Super Bowl ad was pretty popular, so she writes about her husband, The Farmer, and then talks about moms. It’s worth your time.

And since I’m all about some sappy mom posts, here’s a good one a friend just posted on Facebook: Children Will Remember. “They will not care what you looked like in a swim suit.¬† They will remember that you went on the field trip to the pool anyway and were the one parent who didn’t sit to the side and watch.”

Jessica’s Picks…

My world right now is 3 things…1) ¬†Valentine’s Day (we have the following Valentines to make…33, 57, 12? + day care kids + my own kids). ¬†2) ¬†Packing, traveling, flying and being in some warmer weather in 8 days and 3) Working out…this one is always going to be around…pretty sure. ¬†ūüôā

To help me stay sane with these three things right now I have found these websites helpful as I get through this next week.

Bouncy balls or Sticky Hands¬†and¬†14 Other No Candy Valentines (these are adorable!)¬†…¬†Guess what?! ¬†Once again I am going to be the mom that doesn’t do the candy option and my kids will probably hate me for a few minutes but that is ok. ¬†I did find a few options websites out there of Valentines that are not candy related and I am sure that my kids will actually be happy with one of those instead.

Traveling with Kids…tips by Parents.com. ¬†I am so going to need this site this week!

22 Plank Variations by http://www.tinareale.com ¬†…I’ve talked a lot about planks this week…it’s part of Workout #2, the day care kids and I do them and once in awhile we have Family Plank Night. ¬†What better fitness related link to add this week than a website that shows you 22 different plank variations. ¬†There are videos and great descriptions…which is helpful for those of us who need the visual aspect of learning how to do different exercises.

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