Our Top Picks

our-top-picksHere are some good reads for your weekend personally selected by The Journey!

February 16th, 2013

Cori’s Picks…

We’re here at The Journey because we want to see changes in our lives, but don’t wait until you see results to live your life. Here’s a good reminder: So You’re Feeling Too Fat to be Photographed? By Teresa Porter (And, yes, I’m guilty of usually being behind the camera.)

Have you ever read Proverbs 31 and saw it as a checklist you weren’t living up to? If yes, please read this: Women of Valor … Pinterest Aside By Jen Hatmaker and Rachel Held Evans.

Jessica’s Picks…

The Blooming Hydrangea  When we bought our house it was stuck in the 80’s and had a dirty, pastel color on every single wall.  I don’t know that anyone ever actually painted over the primer in most of the rooms upstairs and so…the last several years we have slowly been changing things in our home.  A great site for inspiration and tips for remodeling is at your fingertips!  Stop by, say “hi” and that The Journey sent you.  I may be getting some tips from the writer on kitchen cabinet painting at some point!  Bonus…Rochester peeps…she lives here!

www.myfitnesspal.com  If you are wanting a way to track your food, water and exercise easily…this is a great tool to use.  I used it for quite awhile, mostly to help me keep track of my water intake and figure out how many calories I was actually consuming in the beginning.  You can even find apps for your phone!

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