A bit of perspective…boxing style

“You need to quit being so nice and find some anger.”

“Use your assets that you have.  You are tall, use that to your advantage.”

Those are the words that I heard in the boxing class that I am taking.  The instructor actually pulled me aside to tell me these things.  Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle that.  I just got done hitting bags for an hour, doing sit-ups boxing style that seemed never ending, worked with medicine balls (heavy, heavy ones!) and also up-downs.  I was gross, dirty and tired.  But, I also wasn’t 100% in the class today.  My body was there but my brain was just tired.  My head wasn’t in the game.  We have to do pushups…lots of them…and I didn’t even do the guy style pushups.  I wimped out and did the girl style because I just didn’t want to push myself that hard.  How lame is that!  I know I can do it but I just chose not to.  By the way…I HATE up-downs.  

At boxing the instructors are very nice…don’t get me wrong.  He had a right to let me know what he saw and what I can improve on.  They are there to help us with this workout, learn the techniques and show us how to have fun with this class.  It is a great workout, 2 hours long and it feels like it is 1 hour.

We also had some encouraging words in the class…

“If I saw you boxing I would think you knew what you were doing and I would turn to go the other way.”

“You are a bit intimidating when you are hitting hard like that and chomping on your gum.”  Yes, I chomp on my gum.  🙂

“You are working very hard and most people can’t do what you are accomplishing in this class.”  I have to agree with that!

This next class I will work on finding that inner anger and get my head focused.  A workout is a workout.  No point going to the gym or to class to do something halfway.

In class I was also partnered up with another woman.  When we do situps and some medicine ball activities we are a team and work together.  As this woman was encouraging me to get to 30 situps that were boxing style she seemed so strong and positive.  As it was her turn, I learned a little bit more about who this stranger was.

There was a lot of struggle but also determination in the face of this woman as she was straining to get to #10 in her situps.  The goal in class is to get to a certain number but also to know our own body and what our limits are.  The goal was out there but she was very happy to achieve 10 and she accomplished that.

The woman I was with has battled cancer and won.  She has also had heart surgery that was needed as a result of chemo and she is still recovering from this…5 years later.  Her body is fighting back hard and she isn’t back to 100% of her physical strength before her surgery but she is still trying hard to get there.  Trust me, she tried very hard!

As I was struggling to mentally handle 10 pushups the guy style she was struggling just to physically get to 10 situps.  Mentally, she is ready and has been ready for 5 years to get back to her old body that did great with physical exercises.

My morning was put into perspective.


Thanks for joining us at The Journey.  Boxing is just one of my hobbies and I’ve been in a class since September.  Fun, fun, fun!  To read more about my journey and to get inspired to continue on your own follow us on this website!  We also like the “likes” on Facebook.


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