Shell World or Bust!

Shell World

Shell World

I was back in the neighborhood this past week where my grandparents lived…Kissimmee, Florida.  (Yes, I left our snow covered Minnesota world for a week and loved it!)

Between all of the Mickey Mouse ears that we saw and walking around parks we also went on an expedition to find one of my favorite places of all time…Shell World!

Shell World is a mecca for anyone who loves shells, loves the ocean and what you might be able to find in the ocean.  I LOVE this place!  I’ve been talking about it for weeks and was so excited to show my kids this shopping paradise.  My mini-me was very excited to see it also…she is a bit of a shell lover just like me.  🙂  Besides the thousands of shells that are in this store one of the best things is the humungous shell outside of the building…it is fake of course but so cool to see as a kid.

We drove into my grandparents’ old neighborhood in search of this great destination…with the help of Big ShellGoogle.  Much to my amazement Shell World had expanded and there were 2 red dots on the map for their locations.  These were even within about 2 miles of each other too!  Bonus!!  Odd?  I think not.  People just know this place is awesome, so much so that they had to build two.

We drive to the first red dot and I am excited but a little confused why the big shell in front of the building is gone and no cars are in the parking lot.  Did someone just rob the big shell?

Turns out that this location was no longer open but closed for business.  I am bummed.  No…I am beyond bummed.  But, there is a glimmer of hope since we still have a chance to see this mecca at the red dot #2 on the Google map.  Time to get back on the road.

The area of this town are a bit more dilapidated than what I remember…businesses boarded up, parking lots overgrown.  These weren’t quite the memories that I had from my visits with Grandma and Grandpa Sommer.

A few more streets and then it was in sight…SHELL WORLD!  I am so excited I can’t even explain on paper what it is like to shop here as a kid.  I do know that every vacation to Florida included a trip to Shell World and I was ready to continue that tradition with my kids.

Out in fron tof Shell World was a dumpster and it was then that I noticed the boarded windows on the Shell World building.  My heart sank in disappointment…for myself…for my kids…not sure which one outweighed the other.

My Florida memory was now…just a memory and something that I couldn’t experience again.  I had a choice.  I could:

  1. let this ruin my day or
  2. move on & just put a smile on my face.

I went with option #2.

Isn’t this true with any decision we make?  We can either:

  1. Be drama, have drama and live drama or,
  2. Be happy, smile and have a good day.

Today is really just a day of choices.  Which option will you pick…option 1 or option 2?


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2 thoughts on “Shell World or Bust!

  1. Karen

    I had to smile when I saw the title about Shell World. I used to live in Key Largo where there was a large shell world. All of our friends that visited wanted to stop there.


  2. mominminnesota Post author

    I saw that one on the Google map too when I searched for “Shell World Florida”. I may just have to go to Key Largo! 😉



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