Fit Kid Activity #2

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Childhood obesity (such an ugly word, isn’t it)…it is killing our kids and this is something that we can stop.  The Journey wants to provide you with the tools to make some changes with our kids and you can start right now!

What can we do to help our kids exercise?

Every couple of weeks The Journey will be sharing tips on fun and simple ways for kids to start getting active and moving and one specific thing we have done the last week with our own kids. (Yes people, this is child tested…mom approved!)  We have already shared one activity Fit Kid Activity is #2.

Fit Kid Activity #2

Minnesota is not a warm place in the winter months. I live here…I know!  There are weeks when we have negative numbers for days in a row.  Those are the days you just stay inside…everyone stays inside…kids included.  It just isn’t safe to be out in -20 weather.

There are options on how to get kids to move inside when parks or playgrounds aren’t able to be used…or in our case, when they are covered in snow.

One thing my day care kids and my own kids enjoy doing is a video series of kids’ exercises called Jump!  I originally found these at our library and it was a pure fluke that I found them online one day.  I haven’t seen these available to buy since I found them on eBay.  I think I may just have the last copy.

You don’t need videos or special songs though to get your kids moving and grooving like the video shows.  Here are some examples of what we do & a song to go with the actions that you can use.

Movin’ & Groovin’ with actions and songs!

Roar Like A Lion- crawl around like lions, walk around and roar like a lion with your arms out and stretching them one at a time.  I do usually have to remind the kids not to roar in their friends’ faces.  We are nice lions.  🙂  There is a video below that you could use that would also be fun to use.

Bicycle – lay on the floor.  Put your feet in the air and pretend to ride a bike.  Your legs pedal around in the air just like they would on a bike.  Have sections where you go fast, sometimes take a break, pedal slow, take a break, go fast again.  We usually have a song that is 3 to 4 minutes in length and just do 30 seconds of the fast/break/slow/break, etc. segments.  Below is a video of a song that we have used before that the kids enjoy.

shoe coloring pageRunning – pretend to put on special running shoes.  The kids can pick their favorite color or even pretend to have special designs on their shoes.  It is all imaginary so just make it fun.  You could even do a craft with this and print off a shoe and have them decorate their imaginary shoe so they have a visual.  Here is a picture that you can print off and use.

The kids can run in place for 15 seconds at a time, rest for 15 seconds and continue to the end of the song in intervals.

Let us know if you try any of these activities with your kids!  Photos can be posted on our Facebook page too…have you been there yet?  In case you aren’t one of our “likes” yet, please go visit us at  

Jumping & Dancing.  There is nothing like a song that just makes kids jump around.  If you are looking for one to help get kids moving…this is the song for you!

What do you do with kids to keep them active?


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