Pure Motivation

motivation 22Something that I want to do but just haven’t yet is…(wait for it)


Yes, I want to be one of those people that has quotes and photos of things up somewhere that I will see on a daily basis to help remind me of what I have done, where I am now and what I need to do next.

motivation 21Where exactly would this be in my house?  Not sure.  I want it to be something that I see before I go to bed and it would be nice to see it in the morning too…but also be out of the way so it isn’t part of my day care that we run in our home.  One option for me a blank wall in my bedroom.  I would see it before I go to bed but I wouldn’t see it in the morning.  People are still sleeping for some reason in my house at 4:35am when my alarm goes off and turning a light on at that point may end up having pillows motivation 18thrown at me.  😉

What would be on my wall?  Now this is where it all gets exciting!  See…I am a visual, artsy fartsy type of person.  I like to be creative (to a point) and I am inspired and motivated by words and pictures.  When I type in “motivational quotes” on Pinterest I actually feel like I might be enjoying a piece of heaven…that is how much I like quotes and pictures of really cool stuff.

motivation 15Today I thought that I would give you a sample of a few of my favorite quotes that motivate me.  Now…one thing that I want you to take note of though is that some quotes are placed on pictures of people that appear to be…well, perfect.  I try to stay away from those pictures because I need to remember that those people have stories, they have had to put in a lot of work to get to that low bodyweight percentage so their abs stick out like that, and in this digital age we really don’t know what is real and what motivation 12isn’t anymore.  Remember…we talked about this very topic before in our Body Bashing talks  If you haven’t read them you should…here is part 1 and here is part 2.  All I’m saying is…have a little caution when looking for pics or quotes!

I truly hope that some of these inspire you to get up and try something new today.  This site is designed to encourage others to make some changes in a positive direction.  That’s it!  This site isn’t for me…although all of your comments and follows (and “likes” on Facebook) do motivate me to get to the gym each day too.  I don’t always wake up, bright eyed and motivated to go outside (in the snow and cold temps) to the gym.  There are days motivation quote 6when I moan, groan and complain but I always feel better AFTER the workout!

Enjoy the quotes, stick a few on your own motivational wall and let me know if any of these become your favorite too!


…below are quotes that currently are working for me 🙂

(disclaimer…I have no idea where any of these pictures came from…they have been saved on my desktop for quite awhile.  Sorry if they are someone’s original and I didn’t link it to them!)

images (20) motivation 7 motivation 10 motivation 13motivation quote 2


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