Workout #4 by The Journey

The-Journey-Workout-4Workout #4 is here!  Are you ready to see what you can do with this workout?  Two weeks…6 workouts of exercises about an hour of cardio total each week.  You CAN do this!

Here is Workout #4…just click on the link and you wil receive a .pdf of the workout that is complete with a way to track your exercises too.

The Journey Workout 4

We also have Workout #1, Workout #2 and Workout #3 available at The Journey that are free for you to use. Click on those links, print off the workouts and challenge yourself to do at least one of these for 2 weeks.  If you are new or just starting an exercise program again I would suggest starting with Workout #1.

Here are a few FAQ about the workouts with The Journey:

Q.  Why are these workouts only for 2 weeks?

A.  The reality is that most people who start a workout don’t last longer than about 2 weeks.  These workouts are geared to those who are just beginning an exercise program.  If you don’t get burned out, you feel like you can accomplish these smaller workouts and have a shorter deadline, the chances are that you will finish this 2 week program and continue on to the next workout.  We want you to succeed in this journey…that is why it is set up with small changes.  (Now think…when was the last time you actually worked out more than 2 weeks on a consistent basis?)

start somewhereQ.  I see a lot of month long programs and have great challenges on them, like 30 crunches a day.  By the end of the month it says I should be doing over 100 crunches a day.  What are your thoughts about those?

A.  I think it is great that people are putting these programs together.  There are a lot of them out there.  I don’t see a beginner doing these types of workouts though.  Some women are just not given abs of steel naturally (or can do the 20 pushups or whatever the big challenge is for the day).  With the way our bodies are and the amount of fat that most of us have, we probably have some core work ahead of us and 30 crunches right off the bat is pretty unrealistic.  It is a good goal, but unrealistic for most beginners.  How do I know this?  The first time I seriously started doing crunches I could get to about 10 or 12.  This is after I had already lost 60 pounds.  After doing crunches week after week…I can get above 30 now but it really takes time and it takes work, consistently.  If you haven’t been doing crunches or other ab work these types of programs probably won’t work.  You will go to do your first set on day 1 and get frustrated because you can’t even get to that first number.  Day 2 you have more crunches on that to-do list and you will see the end goal as something that will never happen and you will just give up.  That is what most people do with these 30 day programs that aren’t set to the level of fitness that they are currently at.

A.  I noticed that there is an exercise on the list that I don’t like?  Is it ok if I skip it?

Q.  That depends.  If you want to change because of an injury and do a different exercise that works better with the injury, yes.  You can write a comment, send us a message and I can even give you a different exercise so you can make sure that you are working similar muscle groups and help you figure out different options as you work through the injury.  If you want to skip the exercise just because you don’t like the muscle pain and the sweat that you are experiencing as a result of doing the work, no.  Exercises aren’t necessarily always fun and the ones that get you out of that comfortable zone are the ones that you probably need the most work with.  So, just do the work.  After week 1 you will see that week 2 is not as bad.  😉

images (20)A.  If I am having trouble doing the total number of exercises at one time, what should I do?

Q.  This is a great question because it is something everyone has faced at one point.  Here is an example of what you can do.  For this workout specifically we have an exercise called wall sits.  Wall sits sound easy but they will challenge you.  If you can’t hold a wall sit for 20 seconds, go as long as you can.  Write that number down and use that as your starting point.  Everyone has a beginning point…it is ok if you can’t start at the number we have listed.  The next time you do the exercise try to improve on the previous number.  You should focus on improving each time.

A.  I am already doing some workouts, is it ok if I do these too?

Q.  Sure!  If you aren’t a beginner, just know that these really aren’t designed for you.  These are great to add on to a current workout though.  You can also increase the workout by adding on to the time or the reps for each exercise too.

Thanks for joining at The Journey and keeping up with these workouts!  You will be so glad that you are here and we would love to hear your story.  Comments, follows and “likes” on our Facebook page are ways we know that The Journey is helping you.  🙂

Find out more about The Journey at our About page.  We have giveaways too…yep, we like to give things away.  Check those out at our Giveaway and Sponsors page.



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