How to be the 30% that Sticks With a Fitness Plan


I asked on our Facebook page what our groupies at The Journey wanted to read from us.  There were a few comments and one of those was…

“how to get the mindset to become the 30%. i hate the 70%. i don’t want to be here.”

That is what I will write about today!  So, how you can get to that lower percentage and WANT to workout.

I will be honest, that really is a tough question to explain.  Here is the best advice that I have though for anyone who is stuck being in that 70% and who wants to venture over into the 30% group:

  • Tell Yourself That You Can!  There is nothing better than positive self-talk.  If you say each day that you can do something and start to believe yourself you really can do anything that you want.  Example…just recently I wanted to do a barbell squat using a machine called a power rack.  This really isn’t a machine, just a place for a bar to be held up so I can go under it, put the barbell behind my neck so I can lift it up safely and away from the bar and then proceed to do squats.  Sounds simple, right?  The hardest part of this for me is that it is right smack dab in the area where all the guys are at my gym.  I know I could do a squat.  What I didn’t know if I could do was go in that area of the gym and be confident enough to do the exercise in front of all those people.  For about 2 weeks I thought about that power rack and that exercise, walked by it many times but I just was too chicken to go attempt the exercise.  One day though I woke up, told myself that I was going to do it…and I did.  
  • Set A Small Goal…and Then Kick It In The Face!  Ok, that really just means…accomplish the goal, but it sounds so much better this way (and I saw that on a motivation poster so someone else must think it is awesome too).  What is a small goal?  I would say that you really need to take the scale out of these first few goals.  I know it is our first instinct and what we have been told for years to do…but you need to change this thinking and get the number on the scale out of your mind.  Instead of thinking of “I want to lose 5 pounds” think of something that will actually be habit forming.  For instance,Goal #1 I am going to drink 8 glasses of water 5 out of the 7 days of the week  or Goal#2 Eat 4 salads this week or even Goal #3 do Workout #2 by The Journey 3 times this week 😉  These are just examples and the goals really could be anything.  It is important to remember though to keep it simple and with a short time span.  After you accomplish the goal, set another small one and then go kick that one in the face too.  😉
  • Have Someone Give You Props.  In other words, you need someone to encourage you.  Viola…The Journey…right here!  If you don’t have encouragement from someone already use this group!  Tell us what you are doing in the comments or on Facebook.  Trust me…when you start getting those “likes” or responses you will get little bursts of energy that will help you get moving and doing it all over again.
  • Write down your goal or what your plan is…AND SHOW IT TO THE PUBLIC!  Ok, this is pretty out there and may not be for everyone, especially you introverts, but…it works.  If you write that “I am going to exercise three times this week” and put that on your Facebook status, in a comment here or somewhere for friends to see, that will really make you accountable.  When someone sees you, they could actually ask you how the exercising is going.  So, tell the world your goal!  If you don’t want to tell the world, you can just tell us at The Journey.
  • how much moreJust Start Moving.  It sounds kindof ridiculous but the reality is…if you have been sitting on your butt in your recliner or couch for 2 years (or more) you are used to sitting in that spot.  Things start getting more difficult as you tend to do more of “nothing”.  Something as simple as going up and down the stairs seems more like a chore rather than normal.  If you don’t like going down to the basement to grab something because it is work…you need to start moving.  Get up off of your butt and move.  You don’t have to move a lot but you need to move more each day than you did the day or the week before.  That is how you make results happen…just start moving.  Personally, I had this thinking when I was at my heaviest and I was actually limiting myself to walking up our stairs the minimum amount possible.  It was work.  Work took effort.  Effort wasn’t fun and comfy.  Sitting on my butt though is what led to me being inactive and overweight.  If I truly wanted to change I had to start moving.  You don’t need to be running right off the bat but you DO need to start.
  • allergic to negative peopleGet the Negative Nancy’s Out of Your Way!  You really don’t have time to listen to the negative talk.  If you are brought down by someone or unmotivated by what someone says to you, you really need to quit talking to them or at least realize that their words should have zero impact on what you are capable of accomplishing. Replace the negative with positive thinking!  Here are a few examples of what I have heard from others who are my Negative Nancy’s…“You don’t need to go to the gym, you look great!”, “I could never do that.”, “I don’t know how you find the time to exercise, my kids/family are more important/take up my time.”, “I don’t go to the gym because it is just too busy (not clean, worker ticked me off, they don’t have a machine I like…)”, “I don’t need to exercise because I just focus on what I eat and use ____ program.”  All of these are great excuses why someone wouldn’t exercise.  If you buy into these then you will just stay right where you are or you will probably even gain some weight over this next year if you don’t change your eating habits.  If you want to change you HAVE to work at it.  If the negative talk is around you then the chances are that you will buy into those excuses too and exercising will become a thing of the past.
  • Quit saying “I don’t know how”.  If you don’t know how to do an exercise…research, research, research!  What do we tell our kids?  If you don’t know something, go look it up.  Well, the same goes for us as adults when we don’t know something.  We are living in the age of info and it is at our fingertips.  If you don’t know how to do something or what a word means when it comes to fitness, all you have to do is do a little search on your favorite search engine.  You can find everything that you need to know online.  If you are a visual learner and need to watch someone do the exercise then you are in luck!  There is this great place called YouTube and you can find pretty much every exercise out there.  😉 Saying “I don’t know how” is an excuse…just so you know.  If you are not willing to figure it out then you might as well just go grab that remote and sit back down on the couch with your bag of chips or chocolate.  I have spent hours on YouTube watching videos on how to do exercises.  If there was something new on my workout to-do list I would sit for about 30 minutes the night before and just search, read and watch.  I wanted it engrained in my brain on how to do the form right, how to stand, what machine or weights to use…everything.  Sometimes I even printed off the exercises, complete with pictures, and brought those to the gym with me.  Educate yourself and don’t let the excuse of “I don’t know how” stop you from achieving your goal.
  • Remember that it takes time.  I think that this is probably one of the hardest things that I had to learn through my journey.  I know deep inside that getting healthy takes time but I wanted instant results, like most people do.  Losing weight is a slow process and we need to be patient and trust that process.  If you work hard, push yourself to your limits (throw some strength training in there too!) and watch those foods that you are eating, your body will change.  The whole process really is just a big math equation but you don’t have to be a math genius to figure it out.  The equation is this…Eat good stuff + move your body  = positive changes.  The time it takes that depends on you, the changes that you make and the work that you put in to make those changes happen.  Just remember that fast results are typically named “diet” and usually end up with people crashing and burning.  Slow and steady results turn into habits and end up becoming a lifestyle.

and most importantly…

  • motivation 12Only You Can Do This…So Do It For Yourself.  I can’t make you change your mind and make you exercise.  Another website or fitness fanatic, or weight loss system or new diet fad of the week isn’t going to make you exercise or get healthy either (no matter what they tell you!).  The only person that can make the decision to change your life is you.  There has to be some desire that you have inside to make changes in your life.  For me, the change was needed because I felt like crap, I was in pain all the time, I didn’t like how I looked and I was just plain unhappy.  I was tired of feeling this way.  I was tired of getting winded just walking up our stairs.  I was tired of going to the store and never being able to buy anything because I knew that XXL was now really smaller than me…and I wasn’t going to shop higher than that.  I changed for me.  I wanted to feel better, look better and be a better me.  I had to dig deep some days to just get in my car to go to the gym but…I did it.  As my friends stopped going with me…I still went.  As my family members gave me a hard time for not getting the laundry done or having their favorite meal on the table…I still went.  No one was going to stop me.  THAT…That right there is what you need to find for yourself in order to be part of the 30%.  Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from making the changes that you want.  NOTHING!  Find the reason why you want to make changes and think about it each time you want to say “no more”.  

Being part of the 70% is a choice.  Being part of the 30% is a choice.  The best thing is…YOU get to decide which number you want.

Giveaway from The Journey!

Giveaway from The Journey!

Thanks for joining us at The Journey.  We are so glad that you are here that we even have some free things we are giving away…like this Under Armour hat!  We also have some workout headbands from Simple-Trends that are great for working out.  Check out how you can win at our Giveaway page.  Dont’ forget to tell your friends about us too…a simple e-mail with our link or a “share” on Facebook is all it takes.  You do that for us and we promise we will keep writing and motivating you.  😉




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