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our-top-picksHere are some good reads for your weekend personally selected by The Journey!

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Cori’s Picks…

It’s been Spring Break for my kids this week. I told them Friday that I didn’t want to hear, “Mom! Mooooom!” anymore for the day. It worked for a few minutes. They asked their Dad for help. Then, they started yelling, “Cori! Cooooriiiii!” Ha ha! I thought this poem was just too funny and appropriate for me.

I love this post 15 Things I want My Daughters to Know by Jennifer Dukes Lee. I think it’s 15 things we all need to hear. Maybe on a daily basis.

Jessica’s Picks…

Giveaway from The Journey!

Giveaway from The Journey!

Before I show you my favorite links from this week…you DO know about our giveaway coming up, right?  We have a contest ending on March 25th so check out this link and figure out how you can be the winner.  (It’s easy and will take 2 seconds…so go already and click the link!)

There is a large population of woman that exercise but only do cardio.  Everyone needs to find what works for them but I am a big promoter of woman (or anyone) learning how to strength train.  I have seen the most results from lifting weights, not cardio.   Lifting weights changes how your body works, strengthen it in numerous ways and allows your body to work all day which means you are burning calories longer than if you went running on a treadmill.  So…how do I lift weights?  Well, one of the best weight lifting exercises that I know challenges me the most is called a deadlift.  There are a few variations and this article describes what you need to know about deadlifts.  Deadlift School – A beginners guide to deadlifts.

One of my favorite sites where I post my workouts is called Fitocracy.  They just started posting articles and they are pretty awesome (they posted the one above too)!  One of the best that I’ve found that a lot of people wonder is this…How to Lose Weight.  This is written really well and in a way that anyone can understand.  You gotta read this one!

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