The Woman Who Eats In Her Car

Back in October I wrote about an observation that I had one afternoon…and it hit home for me.

Being a food addict I know what it is like to eat in my car and to hide with that guilt, that shame and that need to just eat.  I know how long it takes me to eat a cheeseburger and french fry combo meal and what roads I need to take in order to finish that meal so I am swallowing the last bite as I pull in my driveway.  I know how many cupcakes I can eat from Target and where the container fits perfectly in my car so no one will see it when I am done.
 Today I still have to tell myself, “Don’t buy that container of cupcakes.” as I am shopping.  I still want to do it but it takes a huge amount of willpower and the power to say “no” to myself in order to actually stop the habit of eating and hiding food in my car.  Just a few weeks ago I walked into Target and had a carton of 4 cupcakes riding along with me in the cart throughout the store.  Each aisle I thought to myself, “I need to take these out, I can’t eat these.”  They stayed in my cart until the checkout lane…but I was SOOOOO close to buying them.  I knew that I could eat them all (yes, all 4 chocolate goodness) on my way home but I also knew that I would feel like crap after that.  That…that is what made me put the cupcakes on the shelf instead.

The woman who eats in her car

I am sitting in my living room as I am working on paperwork and the piles and piles of day care mumbo jumbo that is required.  Who knew that taking care of kids was so much paperwork each day.The day is a bit on the gloomy side and as I am glancing out the window off and on I can’t help but notice a woman.  This woman is probably similar in age to me, she has 3 kids and hers is a story that I don’t know.  Here is what I see though…

  • a woman who waddles (I am not being rude as I say that because the reality is that she truly does walk differently because of the weight that she is carrying) to her car
  • three kids also get in the car and drive somewhere and come back just a few minutes later
  • all three kids…who are all overweight…come back with bags of fast food and walk in the house
  • the mom stays in her car and I can see her eating french fry, after french fy
  • the mom finishes off her meal with a cigarette or two…still in her car
  • this entire family is obese, no doubt about that in my mind
  • it is now 25 minutes later and the mom is still in her car, sitting in the driveway, eating, drinking or smoking something


I don’t know her story.  I don’t know what is going on that makes her think she needs to eat in her car.  It’s not the first time that I have seen her doing this though.

If I tapped on her window and invited her to the gym, do you think she would come with me?

I know for a fact that when a person is ready for a change it has to be a personal decision.  I highly doubt that this woman would join me for a workout or even attempt a sit-up.  Habits, like eating in your car, have to be broken but there also has to be a desire for those habits to stop.

My friend is writing a blog series about how to make changes and turn those into habits, one step at a time.  Check it out here!  You may not be eating in your car and smoking (it has now been about 45 minutes and she is still there) but maybe there is something in your life that you are thinking about that should be different.

I know that I’m not the only one that has had to overcome this issue with food.  You can read more about my story and how I have gone through this journey to get where I am today.  I started this 80 pounds heavier than I am now and in a totally different mental state as well.  Are you one of the many that struggles with this too?


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2 thoughts on “The Woman Who Eats In Her Car

  1. Cori D.

    Hey! You link to my unfinished series. 😉 Ha! Ha! Good post, though. We have to decide for ourselves if we want to change. And if we don’t struggle with food addiction, we struggle with something. All if us do.


  2. mominminnesota Post author

    Very true…everyone struggles with something. Don’t think of it as an unfinished series…it is a work in progress. – Jessica



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