Top 5 Songs for Strength Training

cy Years ago I used to play the piano and lots of musical instruments.  Ok…I can still play but it seems like forever ago.  In high school I was in jazz band, marching band and even had the opportunity to co-lead our marching band (yep…I wore those fancy hats and was in front of the group directing with my hands).  One of my most accomplished events was playing the piano for a musical performed at Iowa State University.  I cy insidehad about 3 weeks to learn the music and it was intense.  A lot of practice outside of schoolwork and classes were required on my part and I basically was glued to a piano for a few weeks…a gorgeous grand piano!  🙂  I always dreamed of playing the piano in front of a large audience and this just happened to be a dream that came true as I played in front of hundreds at CY Stevens Auditorium several nights in a row.

Music, melodies, words, beats…they can all be motivating factors and can help accomplish great things on our journey.  Music has always been a part of getting me going with the exercises that I am going to do for the day…even in the beginning of my journey.

When I am lifting weights (strength training) there is more of a mental aspect that needs to be present.  I don’t lift heavy everyday but when I do…my mind is focused on telling my body that I CAN lift that weight.  If I don’t believe that I can…it won’t happen and I might as well put the weight back on the rack.

I have music that I pick for the days when I run that is geared for cardio (I shared my Top 7 Songs for  Cardio list the other day).  I have other favorites that are better for riding bikes and spin classes that I teach (I’ll be sharing those soon!).  Some of my all time fav’s though are the songs that help get me ready to lift heavier than some of the guys around me.  😉

As I’m standing in front of the barbell getting ready to do a deadlift or push press, I am usually messing with my phone strapped on my arm.  I am picking THE BEST song to help get my mind ready for the ultimate lift.  My mind HAS to be in it otherwise I won’t be able to lift as heavy as what I am truly capable of doing.  The heavier I lift or the higher reps I can complete…the more calories I am burning all day long.

music-by-the-journeyHere are some of my top songs that I use when I am getting ready to lift heavy (once again…I can’t limit my songs to just 5 so there are a few extras for ya!):

  1. One More by Superchick
  2. James Bond Theme by Moby
  3. Boom by P.o.d.
  4. Sabotage by Beastie Boys
  5. Walk This Way by Aerosmith
  6. Howlin’ for You by Black Keys
  7. The Game Has Changed by Daft Punk
  8. Black Cat by Janet Jackson
  9. Hicktown by Jason Aldean

Now that you have music…go lift some weights!  🙂

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


A little bit about me…I haven’t always been a lover of exercising or eating healthier foods for me but I had to make some changes in my life.  Today I am 80 pounds lighter than how I was living my life 3 years ago and I am still working on changes each day.  You can read about my story and how The Journey started here.

Thanks for joining us at The Journey!  We have a few free services for you at our site…FREE Workouts that can be done at home, FREE Recipes and don’t forget…GIVEAWAYS!  


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