Our Top Picks

our-top-picksHere are some good reads for your weekend personally selected by The Journey!

Giveaway from The Journey!

Giveaway from The Journey!

But first!…we have an Under Armour hat that we are giving away that will be going to someone on Monday.  If you haven’t already…check it out here!  It’s pretty awesome.  🙂

Cori Drost

Cori Drost

Cori’s Picks…

A humorous and thought-provoking post about moving on from the mistakes we have made. It’s Time to Forgive Yourself by Jon Acuff

I’ve been reading a lot lately about stress, and the stress hormone cortisol, and how much it can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially as women. I suspect I’ll be writing more about this soon, but for now, this article is a good start: 10 Ways Chronic Stress is Killing Your Quality of Life by Dr. Axe

This is an interesting article about a woman who had weight loss surgery, dropped 180 pounds, and now realizes it wasn’t all about getting skinny. A good reminder we need good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. What Losing 180 Pounds Does to Your Body & Your Mind by Jen Larsen

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

Jessica’s Picks…

My view on life is a little bit different than most in regards to helping others out.  I am learning this more and more each day and see it with the activities I am involved in.  People just don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and seem to be ok with just putting a blanket statement on a situation and calling it “good”.
One person that I do relate to and I can tell we are similar with this subject matter is Jen Hatmaker.  If she lived closer to me I am pretty sure that I would be one of her good friends.  😉  Her blog is truly amazing, inspiring and just makes you want to do stuff.  That “stuff” usually is what others would disregard and put off to the side or want to do the easy way.  People don’t want to be hands on anymore when it comes to the hard stuff or they just want to stay comfy cozy.  This article talks about the lighter side of helping out those who need it, even when things are not so comfy cozy.  The Upside (and Lighter Side) of Haiti by Jen Hatmaker
Since I’ve opened the can of “what I like to do” …besides lift weights 😉 here are a few of the organizations/companies that I currently support and have helped with that you should check out…because you or someone you know could benefit from these organizations.  The lives that you could help if you supported these two companies…oh, the stories I could share!
  • Teen MOPS of Rochester.  Yeah…this is pretty much one of my babies.  There is a huge long story with how this was started and wasn’t done just by me.  We had a great group of individuals who put lots of time and money into this program to make it happen.  I am still not sure how I managed to start up this group, work and have three kids during these years when I was involved but I do know that there are woman out there who have grown up to be great moms because of this program.  Today, Teen MOPS is the only group in our area for teens that are pregnant and teens with kids.  Teen MOPS…you know I always have a spot for you in my heart.  There are MOPS and Teen MOPS programs all around the world.  To see if there is one in your area just visit www.mops.org
  • Narrow Road Coffee.  This is my husbands baby.  My husband and a friend own this company and roast coffee beans in our town of Rochester, MN.  Those big burlap coffee bags…yeah, we have a few of those.  🙂  These beans are shipped all over and sold as wholesale to businesses or per bag to individuals.  The awesomeness of this business…1) I have fresh coffee beans pretty much all the time (and yes, there is a huge difference from what I can buy on the shelves in the store and local coffee shops and what fresh actually tastes like), 2) 25% of the proceeds go to missionaries around the world.  That’s right…what most companies keep as profit…we just give it away.  Orders are taken online and if you want…you can send me a note and see what my favorite is.  🙂  Narrow Road Coffee is also a sponsor of The Journey…and we will have some giveaway items soon for someone that is part of The Journey so keep watching for it.

Thanks for joining us at The Journey!  Find out more about Jessica and Cori and how The Journey got started.  We have a few challenges going on, a 5k coming up soon and free stuff that we are giving away!  Check out the links in there and come back soon!


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