A Spin Type of Workout


Songs motivate me…plain and simple.  I am just wired that way.  I’ve given up some of my favorite songs that I use for cardio and for strength training…and passed all of these on to you so you can use them too!  You can find these at the posts Top 5 Songs for Cardio and Top 5 Songs for Strength Training.  Guess what?!  I couldn’t pick just 5 songs so you are getting more than just 5.

Today I have a spin type of workout for you.  It will take about 15 to 20 minutes but if it is done right, it will be better than a workout you would have done on your own.  🙂  You kindof have to imagine me sitting by you and telling you to push yourself if you are having trouble getting over that hump of “I am exercising because I am moving” and getting to the point where you can hardly say your name.

A spin type of workout is done on a stationary bike and we use songs to help guide us with speeds and hills.  You can do this workout on a stationary bike that you have at home or use a stationary bike at the gym.  You don’t need to have a spin bike for this…most people don’t have access to those whenever they want other than a class type of setting.

Jessica’s Spin Workout for The Journey  

Quick terms to know:  

Resistance:  I usually use a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the highest amount of resistance that you can pedal.  At level 10 each pedal stroke is difficult.  At a level 8 the resistance should make it feel as if you are going through sand or some mud.  Level 5 is a nice, smooth ride.

1.  My Body by Young the Giant

This is a nice warm-up song. Start out by biking at a fast pace with a resistance at about a level 6.  Try to stay with the beat of the song as you are pedaling.  There should be a little bit of resistance as you are pedaling but not much.

At about 1 minute into the song the chorus will start and will say, “My body tell me…”.  At this point you want to increase your speed and do a fast sprint, meaning, go as fast as you can.  This lasts about 30 seconds.

At each chorus repeat the sprints and do the following:

1:00 minute – 30 second sprint

2:00 minute – 45 second sprint

3:25 minute – 40 second sprint (or until the end of the song)

2. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

This is a nice, slow climb starting at a level 6.

Start with figuring out your cadence so it is at about a 30 to 35 range.  You can figure this out by taking 15 seconds and counting how many times one of your legs moves down during that time frame.  Try to get your leg to go down 30 to 35 times in those 15 seconds.

Do this cadence check at 30 seconds, 1:30.

Increase your resistance at 2 minutes to a level 7.  Do a cadence check to get in that 30 to 35 range at 2:30 and 3:15.  Maintain the speed at this resistance level until you get to 4:30.

Now it’s time to kick it in high gear and really get climbing.  This is where you want to have your mind kick in and start giving you those positive words so you know that you can finish this hill.  Your legs might be tired but you only have a few minutes left until you reach the top of this climb…and then it is all downhill.  Dig in and push yourself…you can do it!

From 4:30 until 5:00 keep telling yourself that you can do this and think about why you are working so hard!

5:00 turn up the resistance to 8.  We are staying right here.

6:30 do a cadence check.  Count for 15 seconds and see where you are at…are you still at that 30 to 35 second range?  You want to try to stay in this range this entire song.

7:30 turn up the resistance to a 9.  This is it…you are in the last part of the climb!  You CAN do this!!!

At the end of the song turn your resistance down to a level 8.  You should still feel the resistance.

3.  Are you Gonna Be My Girl by Jet 

First 20 seconds, catch your breath and grab a drink.

You are now going to head back down the hill…and when you go down a hill it usually isn’t slow.  Keep that in mind this time (and get it out of your mind that others are watching you and will think you look silly…you will see results because you are working hard.  If they are watching you they are probably just trying to figure out what you are doing so they can copy you 🙂

Get your cadence as high as you can.  You have about 3 minutes of actual song that you will be working hard.

We are starting at level 8.  Pedal as fast as you can as soon as the person in the song screams “go!” (at about 20 seconds).

1:00 turn the resistance to level 7 and keep on pedaling as fast as you can!  You’ve got about 2 minutes left of work and then you are done.

1:30 do a quick surge, meaning…GO!  AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

2:00 turn the resistance down to a level 6 and sprint down that hill!

2:30 quick surge!  Push as hard and as fast as you can for 15 seconds

3:00 surge #3.  You’ve got 30 seconds left.  Pedal fast and get to the bottom of that hill.

You’re Done!  

Shhh…there is a secret to my songs!  I use a very special website called www.legalsounds.com where I get songs for free or super duper cheap.  I’m talking 7 or 9 cents per song!  I don’t know how legal the site is actually but it works and is a lot cheaper than other sites out there for music.  Every week there is at least one new song that is for free.  Most of these are off of the Top 40 charts and they aren’t always censored…so just a caution on that.  There have been a few times I have downloaded a song that I’ve heard on the radio only to find out that the real version has some naughty words in it.  Let me know if you use this site and what you think.

What is your favorite song to get you moving?  I am always looking for new songs to add to my list.  🙂

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a certified indoor cycling instructor and has certifications from FiTOUR and Neta.  She has been on a journey to get healthier and has lost over 80 pounds.  In the fitness world she enjoys cycling classes, boxing and strength training (the heavy stuff!).

Thanks for being part of The Journey!


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