Awesomist Giveaway!

Last Chance to get entered is RIGHT NOW!  About 30 hours left to enter!  Check out how below…


The Journey…yeah, we like to give stuff away to those that like us.  And this is pretty much the most awesomist giveaway (I know…awesomist is not a word).

This giveaway is special to me…because of several reasons:

1)  the item that someone will win is one of my favorite brands!  I love Under Armour (and no…I am not getting any free products or paid to say that).  I wear this brand in about 98% of my workouts.  Their items last, they look great and help keep the sweat off your body.  Going to one of these stores actually is a planned event (and the closest one is about 90 minutes from my house).

2)  everyone needs something like this in their workout!

3)  this item has been used once…and only once…on my first 5k.  I haven’t worn it since and I have been keeping it to pass on to someone else.  (It is clean and is basically brand new…I promise!)


This is the cutest hat…EVER!

Giveaway from The Journey!

Giveaway from The Journey!

How To Win…

(pay special attention to the rules…cause if you don’t follow ALL of  these simple steps I won’t be sending this hat to you)

1)  Go to The Journey on Facebook and “like” the page.  Of course…this is if you haven’t already.  You can find us on Facebook at

2)  Be a follower on our website at  It is very easy to do this…just click on the word “Follow” that is down at the right side of the page.  You will see the words…Follow This Blog Via E-mail…that is what you are looking for!

3)  Write on this post (not the Facebook post…the website post) and let us know that you are following us.

That’s it!  Three things…and you might win this awesome giveaway!

What a bonus way to enter?  Share this on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for 1 extra name in the drawing.  Make a comment on this post and let us know that you did this and where!

This Giveaway Ends…March 25th, 2013.

On your mark…get set…

goWhy are you waiting for me to say GO?

Go start liking, sharing and commenting already!  🙂



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