The Candy Takeover…and Makeover

What do these three holidays have in common….Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween?  Any guesses?

  • Valentine’s Day…we get candy from all the classmates at school.
  • Easter…we get candy from the grandparents.
  • Halloween…we get candy from the strangers in the neighborhood where we walk and actually ask for junk food from others.

Slide1I’ve got three little munchkins of my own and we participate in all three of the holidays where candy seems to be in mass supply.  As you can imagine, we have a butt load of candy right now.

One day after Halloween I decided to make some changes.  I was tired of seeing the buckets of candy that my kids got and I was tired of being tempted to eat the sugary treats.  I have taken a little bit of “healthy mommy” action and decided that I would let my kids enjoy these holidays but would also limit their intake of candy and what is kept at the house.

What is a mom to do?  I decided that the candy stash would be sold to me.  I would then find a way to get this candy out of the house.  Plain and simple!

My kids left for school and as soon as they were out the door I dumped all of their candy out on the counter.  We had 3 gallon sized bags of candy for each kid (they are territorial over their prized candy pieces so they each had their own bag).  I was amazed by how much candy we had in the house.  INSANE!

I sorted all of the candy and then packaged them up in smaller Ziploc bags and put together the same types of candy or brands.  All the Snickers went together, the Twizzlers, lollipops, etc.


My kids sold me their candy. 1 jewel equals 10 cents. This is our reward system and how our kids earn money. They were thrilled to give me candy in exchange for jewels!

When my kids came home from school I filled them in our our new plan.  I was letting each child pick out 1 bag of candy and this is something that would be shared among them…they would not own this candy or have the word “mine” attached to this bag of sugar.  I thought that I would have some major rejection and possibly some words like, “You are the worst mom ever!”.  I was actually bracing for these words or something similar and to my amazement…they never came out of their cute, little mouths.

There was no way that my kids could eat all of that candy and still be healthy.  No wonder our society is full of kids that are overweight and obese…they have all of this at their fingertips at all times.  We have several months where candy is in mass supply and marketed non-stop.

Here are two things that I do after each holiday that involves candy surpluses:

  1. My kids ask if and when they can have a piece of candy.  I know lots of kids that don’t have to ask for permission so this may not be the norm in households but it is in mine. 
  2. Candy must leave our house.  This might mean the garbage, this might mean giving it to a classroom for prizes or even giving it to those who are homeless in our area.  Getting rid of the candy was our only option if I was going to keep my kids in the direction that I wanted them to go towards in regards to picking healthy food choices. 

If I could change how our society thinks about these holidays and show the public how much yucky foods are kids are eating as a result…I would.  We all know that’s not gonna happen though so I have to start with where I can make an impact.

How much candy do your kids eat…or you yourself?

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a mom to three kids…who all love candy and the sugary stuff!  Jessica is a certified indoor cycling instructor and has made lots of changes in her life in regards to getting healthy…including dropping over 80 pounds.  You can read her story at this link…Jessica’s Journey.


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