Drop The Pop Challenge & a recipe!

Today’s post has a two things for all of you groupies at The Journey…

  1. Our newest challenge that will be starting Monday, April 8th and will go until the end of April!
  2. Some easy snack food that you can make at home that is easy and healthy…and makes your house smell A-MAZE-ING!

First…our newest challenge.  Start thinking about what you are washing down that food with cause this month we will be seeing if you can stick to the things that don’t have made up chemical names in them.  We are dropping the pop here at The Journey and we CAN DO THIS!


Why be part of Drop The Pop Challenge? 

  • You won’t be as bloated…seriously, your tummy will shrink
  • Your skin will actually get hydrated and look better if we focus on drinking water
  • Some of those wrinkles and eye bags that appear on a few of our faces may actually go away or shrink once we are properly hydrated…as I’m getting older I know that this is a good thing.  😉
  • Your metabolism will increase by drinking water
  • You won’t feel as hungry.  Did you know that those diet pops (which are my addiction) actually have a tendency to make you feel like you need to eat.
  • You will feel better…you really will!

How Can I Be Part of Drop The Pop Challenge?

It’s simple.  Just write in the comments that you are participating OR join our event on our Facebook page.  It is called Drop the Pop Challenge.

Second…here are some yummy treats you can make at home.  It is spring break here in MN so my big kids have already ate me out of house and home…I needed something to help satisfy their food cravings this week.  I made these for the kiddos today and my house smells awesome right now.  Try it…see what your kids think.  (On the apples and applesauce I did sprinkle cinnamon…we seem to like them better that way)


Share, pin, tweet and like away…we appreciate all of you and know that others are out there that would like to hear about us.  Thanks for helping spread the word about The Journey!

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a stay at home mom of three kids, is a licensed day care provider to a total of 10 kids and has been on a journey to get healthier the past couple of years and has lost over 80 pounds.  Today she loves to lift heavy stuff, teaches spin classes at two fitness centers in Rochester, MN and does some boxing for fun.  You can read her story here.


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