Our Top Picks

our-top-picksHere are some good reads for your weekend personally selected by The Journey!

Cori’s Picks…

You Have Permission to Be In Process by Holley Gerth at InCourage

Punching One of My Greatest Fears in the Face By Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom

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Jessica’s Picks…

This week I am introducing a service project to a group of girls that I help out with…I actually revealed it today to the parents and it is kindof a big one.  On Monday I will be helping close to 100 girls and their parents pack up ziploc bags with items for those in our area that are homeless.  Our goal is that the girls will then have these in their cars so they can hand them to those that are asking for help on our streets in our town.  There is a great blog post that I found about just this topic and is exactly why we are doing this project.  You can read about it here and find out how you too can pack your own On the Go bags for the homeless in your area.  Helping the Homeless…On the Go Bags by Thriving Home Blog

Same blog as before…but totally different topic.  Exercise with your kids!  This writer includes a few videos of how to get those kiddos moving.  It’s pretty cute and easy stuff to do.

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