Attitude is Everything

When I get excited about something I usually go with all out effort with whatever that might be…I’m just wired that way.

Last night, three of my favorite things in the world somewhat collided and I was left with a lot of mixed up feelings.

images (9)Fav #1:  Teen MOPS.  This is a group that I had the pleasure of working with since it’s beginning.  I love this group.  To me, nothing is better than being there for a group of people that need someone around to help answer questions and to actually support them.  For years my heart and soul completely consumed this group and it was basically a full time job to volunteer with this organization on top of having three kids…all went through the infant/toddler stage while I volunteered…and working.  I had many nights where I would get up to feed a child and just stay up anyways to work on forms, websites or booklets since I was already up.  I am not sure when I really slept those years that this group was in it’s infancy and when 2 of my kids were also infants and one was a toddler/preschooler.  Why did I help this group?  Because I knew I was supposed to…and I know my heart would have kept me at an unsettled state unless I did.

boxingglovesFav #2:  Boxing.  Seriously…it’s hard to describe this sport and passion.  I am completely energized with the entire process…from shadow boxing to the speed bag.  If I could, I would spend way more time in the ring and multiple days there.  I may not have the ability to be an actual fighter but I know I can move the bag and I can hit hard…and I’m trying.  I have also learned that I am much stronger than I thought I was.  That leads to being confident in myself…which I haven’t always had my entire 36 years of life.  Everything from the weights, ring, gloves, bags to the coaches and my classmates…awesome!

images (10)Fav #3:  Spin.  Riding a bike might sound easy but in this type of situation it is not only a physical activity that pushes my body out of its comfort zone but also tests the mental part of knowing and thinking what I am capable of doing.  I really think this class is one of the reasons why the weight has come off of me and continues to stay off.  My quads and hamstrings have never been stronger (and is one reason why I can’t go down in pant size too…but that’s a different story).  A lot of people are scared of the term “spin” or just scared of the darker room in general.  I have the privilege of teaching a night class at one of the local gyms and it is somewhat comical how many people walk up to the window or door while the class is going, look in and then back away as soon as I say, “come on in and try it!”.  I was terrified to try the class at first but it really is a workout that I can’t get out on the gym floor…and it can burn a lot of calories and stored fat!  🙂

Fav #1 (Teen MOPS) had Fav #2 (boxing) come to the meeting last night to speak.  I was invited as well and I knew that they would be doing some hitting and showing a few different moves with the gloves.  That is just a little bit of heaven wrapped into one right there.  The problem was that Fav #3 (spin) was at the same time and I was actually teaching a class.

Three things I adore…all at the same time.  What do you do in a situation like that?  I felt like my insides were being torn apart in two different directions.  I’m an all-in type of person when it comes to something that I really have a passion for.  I just couldn’t give 100% this time and that is hard for me to be ok with.

I wasn’t able to speak at the Teen MOPS meeting and I actually almost had tears in my eyes as I saw towels and water bottles ready to go on the bikes when I walked in to my spin class.  Physically, I was at spin class last night.  My heart though was with Teen MOPS and boxing.

images (11)I can’t always do everything at once…I’m human and I know that limitation.  What I can do is have a good attitude with whatever situation I am in and make the best of things.  I made sure that I put my best effort into teaching those that decided to show up for spin.  I had new people who attended.  I had seasoned bike riders.  Most importantly…I had people that were taking steps towards making changes in their life and were ready to work hard.

If my day has any part of some of my favorite things in it…it is a good day.  I think I will put a post-it note just like this picture up on my mirror to help remind me that “Attitude is Everything”. 

What special tips or tricks do you have to help you keep a positive attitude?

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

– Jessica

Jessica is a mom of three, a licensed day care provider and teaches indoor cycling classes at some local fitness centers in Rochester, MN.  Her journey has included dropping over 80 pounds and in the process finding her love of fitness.  Some of her favorite activities are strength training (the heavy stuff), spin and boxing.  You can read her story here.  


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