Good & Tasty…Infused WATER!

Slide1I am NOT a water person.  I am a Diet Pepsi person.

Always have loved Diet Pepsi…and it will probably always be one of those things that I am pulled towards for the rest of my life.

I used to sneak pop…whatever was available…when I was younger before school.  I would hide it in the bathroom cabinet just in case a parental figure would come by…my secret wouldn’t get discovered.  I knew that I really had a problem with pop when drinking Diet Pepsi warm was perfectly fine for me.  But…there is a specific temperature somewhere between warm and cold where Diet Pepsi tastes kindof like something you would put in your car to help it run.  That WAS NOT a good taste.  🙂  …and yet I would drink it still.

Water is just not something that pulls at me and says, “Drink Me!”.

I am doing the Drop the Pop Challenge with The Journey and for me…this isn’t too hard.  I’m being honest.  I know that some of you are really struggling with giving this up.  I’ve done this before and quit cold turkey and had a horrible time during Round 1 about a year ago.  There is a difference between my last attempt and now.  This time…I am really not wanting to end this.  I want this challenge to continue.  I am not doing my body any favors by drinking pop…and the statistics are out there that show how horrible pop is for you.

It’s been 15 days since I’ve had pop and I’ve gone through all the withdrawal that I think I’m going to go through and am dealing more with the mental aspect of not drinking pop.  Instead of grabbing a pop when I’m stressed…what should I be doing instead?  Instead of grabbing a pop when I notice that I’m thirsty…what do I have on hand instead to drink that is still good for me?

I’ve read a lot recently about water and how to make them taste just a little bit better…infused is the word that is thrown out there.  I have tried one before and DID NOT like it…and that might be because I had a Diet Pepsi sitting in the fridge ready to drink too.  🙂

Today, I gave it another try.  I had a goal too…to drink the entire container.

Here is my recipe for Infused Water

Citrus Infused Water by The Journey

Citrus Infused Water by The Journey

Citrus Infused Water

  • 1 orange, cut up in slices (with peel)
  • 1 lemon, cut up in slices (with peel)
  • 1 lime, cut up in slices (with peel)
  • 3 to 5 leaves of mint.  Wash and then crush the leaves in your fingers before placing in the container.

I placed these in the bottom of a water pitcher and then filled the container with water from the faucet.

Put this in the fridge and let it chill…and then drink it.

My honest opinion:  I drank this and was actually really shocked that I liked this.  I thought that I would be pouring this down the drain.

I drank every last drop today…in ONE day!  I can’t wait to drink another container full tomorrow.  🙂

Rumor has it that you can keep this in your fridge up to about 48 hours.  I don’t know that mine will ever last that long.  I am excited to try other medleys and I will be sure to post the ones that I enjoy right here at The Journey.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a mom of three kids, a wife to one 😉 and dabbles in a variety of other things…licensed day care provider, teaching spin classes, boxing, strength training with the “not so pretty” weights and helping with various non-profit groups.  You can find out more about her own journey of losing over 80 pounds at our About page.


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