When & Why You Might Need New Shoes

Most woman don’t have a problem going out and buying a new pair of shoes.  I am not your typical woman.

I have about 2 hours (3 maybe) during the week and weekend to go shopping.  This is with or without my 3 children.  I usually use this time for groceries since those are pretty important 😉 but once in awhile I will notice that a few other items are needed in our household too.  Like this morning.

I was getting ready to do a deadlift, getting my feet ready and positioned and then…my shoe moved.  It was almost like it kicked back at me.  I realized that the bottom layer of my shoes was starting to come detach from the rest of the shoe and that new shoes were in my future.

Luckily for me a company called Zappos exists…and I will have new shoes at my door tomorrow…and I never have to leave my house.  For a mom who works 50+ hours a week…this is a lifesaver.

I have gone through A LOT of tennis shoes over the last few years and it actually took an injury to realize that my shoes were the problem.

Image from bradaylwin.webs.com

Image from bradaylwin.webs.com

When Should You Buy New Tennis Shoes? 

  • If you feel pain, it may be time.  (this is the best indication for me but I often wait to long)  The knees seem to feel this the most and you may start to be sore in those areas if the cushioning in your shoe has broken down.  I feel this also in my hips and in my feet.  In fact, yesterday I ran in my old shoes and all day my feet were really hurting me and my knees.
  • About 300 to 400 miles of exercising seem to be the average amount of time for replacement.  If you are running outside or on rough surfaces it could actually be earlier than this.  A great way to figure out the mileage is just to keep track at each workout.  You could also keep track for about a month and just use that month as your general rule if your workouts are consistent each month.  Just multiply the months to figure out when you get to that 300-400 mile mark.  I have read that your size, body type, how you exercise and the activities that you do also play a big part in this.  Your tread may still look great but that doesn’t mean the inside of your shoe is still doing what it was designed to do.


When Did I Last Buy Tennis Shoes?  Hmmm.  This is embarrassing   I didn’t think it was quite as long as it was but…July 2012!  I am usually a 4 to 6 month type of person because I can feel when my shoes have lost their support.  My hips usually start to hurt again slightly when I run (which has been happening) and I will usually get some slight pain in my knees (which just started happening about a month ago).  Those are my cues that I need to go shopping and change my shoes.

Are There Specific Shoes for Specific Activities I Use?  I do mostly weightlifting and really should probably be getting shoes specifically for that since all that weight just destroys the support in the shoes.  I’m not there yet…soon though.  I did recently buy a pair of cycling shoes for spin classes and I have to say…A-MAZE-ING!  It has totally changed how I ride, how my muscles are working since they clip in the pedals and I would NEVER go back to wearing tennis shoes in an indoor cycling class.

Image from examiner.com

Image from examiner.com

How Do You Know What Type of Foot You Have?  Take the wet foot test.  It is simple and it will tell you if you have any specific pronation with your foot…meaning, is your foot neutral, have a low or a high arch.  Here is a link to one that I used to find out that I slightly overpronate.

Wet Foot Test by Runnersworld.com

Want to know what you can do with your old tennis shoes?  It is the day after Earth Day so we should talk about recycling at some point here at The Journey…so here you go.  This link says it all!  There are 5 ways listed at this link with ways you can Reduce…Reuse…Recycle those tennis shoes!

P.S.  If you are going to The Warrior Dash (cough, cough…Cori) I know that they will take your shoes after the event too.  Trust me…you won’t want to bring them home and you will NEVER be able to get them looking nice again.  Just donate them.  🙂

I wrote about this topic in January 2012 on my original blog www.mominminnesota.blogspot.com  You can check out the original and full story by hitting this CLICK!

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a mom, wife, day care provider, fitness instructor and a person who has three loves in the gym…1) boxing, 2) cycling and 3) heavy weights.  You can read about her journey of losing 80 pounds on the About page at The Journey.

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