Info and document for The Journey 5k

Bib for The Journey 5k

Bib for The Journey 5k

Hi Everyone!  We are super dee-duper excited about our first 5k event.

If you signed up to participate in our virtual 5k this weekend…this post has the document you will need for this event.

Ok…you don’t really need this to participate but we would LOVE to see a picture of you with the bib.  Who knows who you will inspire to start moving with your own story and pictures, well, they really do say 1,000 words.  🙂  Plus, having a picture is a great way for you to remember this event and it records your progress.  It is so fun to look back at photos and see changes that have been made.

On this post are the links or pictures that you can print off.  You don’t need to pin this on your shirt while you are walking or running…just hold it up after you are done and snap a photo.

PDF version of the bib  5k The Journey

JPG of the Bib can be found by clicking on the picture.  You can save this to your computer and print.

When you are done…e-mail the photos, along with your name to with The Journey photo in the subject line.

What if I am running the 5k in Rochester?  We would still love to see a photo.  You can wear your other bib…we are ok with that too.  🙂  We know you already have one that will be pinned to you.

What if I want to still participate?  Can I?  YES!  We would love it.  Walk or run (or combo of both) 3.1 miles and send us a picture with your name and info.

Questions?  Leave us a comment…we would be glad to answer them.  You might also get some info from the original post about this event…which you can find RIGHT HERE!  

Thanks for participating!

-Jessica and Cori


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