Winner from The Journey Meet Up & Virtual 5k!

Everyone really is a winner here at The Journey…but we do have a winner for the headband that we are giving away for The Journey’s Meet Up & Virtual 5k.

As promised…we are announcing this TODAY!

First…congrats to all of you that tried a 5k for the first time.  Congrats to all of you that have laced up those shoes before and hit the pavement again this weekend.  Congrats to those that had kids involved too or other family members and friends.

I remember the first time I did a 5k and I thought I was going to throw up.  I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect.  Was there water anywhere?  Would I be the only one walking some of it?  How will I know where to go?  So many questions…and yet, so much support before, during and after the race!

Today I saw that support again.  For some reason I was pretty emotional and had a mixup of timing of the race also…so my day just started off in a great way.  :/  I started the race and saw so many people cheering on their families and holding up signs, I had to hold the tears back otherwise I would have started hyperventilating while running.  Not really my plan for the day.  It was so amazing to see how many people were not only running but also the huge amount of people that were encouraging others.  Throughout the race today families were waiting at corners holding up signs that said “You’re Awesome”, “Great job” and “We are proud of you!”.  It is hard NOT to start running a little faster when you see signs like that.  Even though the signs weren’t meant for me personally…I took it personally.  I soaked it in all for myself.

you-are-awesome-550x550The Journey, this site right here and our Facebook page…we are the ones holding the signs up at the corners…but we are holding them for YOU!

WE think that YOU are awesome.

WE think that YOU are doing a great job.

And…no matter what your journey is and where you are at in that journey…WE are proud of YOU!

Remember that.  When you need extra encouragement…find us, talk with us or let us know that you need a virtual hug.

The Journey is also very thankful to the ONE site that has given us items (so far) to give out to you.  We don’t get paid to write this stuff.  We haven’t received free stuff to use and then write product reviews…we get items because we ask and because the company believes in us.  This fitness blog world is quite interesting…and most of the sites I see are getting paid to promote other blogs, to promote products and get free stuff in return.  In fact, some other blogs won’t even write on our site or promote our site unless we pay them.  Fun, huh?  Kindof makes you wonder what it is that you are reading too…the truth or really just a paid advertisement?  (I have NOT paid anyone to promote our site…FYI)  The Journey…this is all real, people. No gimmicks here.  So…a BIG THANKS to Simple-Trends.  They believed in us when no one else would even return our e-mails.  Check out their site and send them an e-mail to say thanks for supporting The Journey.  Their website is and their e-mail address is

Side Note:  we DO like sponsors…so if you have a company you work with or own and would like more information, check out our sponsor page.  We are a real site though, not one that is paid to produce articles on certain products…you have to be ok with a site that is there to support others on their journey and GIVE stuff away for a little bit of advertising.  If that is you or a company you are associated with…we’d love to talk with you.  🙂

GIVEAWAY TIME!…The little pink piece of paper doesn’t lie…Dana Jarrell, you have won the headband from Simple Trends!  You “like” our Facebook page, you made a comment either on our website post or our event post on Facebook.  Thanks, Dana, for participating in The Journey Meet Up @ Virtual 5k!  To claim your prize, please send us a message on Facebook with your address so we can send it on to you.

NEXT GIVEAWAY…will be announced on Wednesday, May 1st

The winner of the Simple-Trends headband is Dana Jarrell!

The winner of the Simple-Trends headband is Dana Jarrell!


Thanks to all of you for being part of The Journey.  🙂  Be sure to follow via e-mail or click “like” on our Facebook page to get all the info…right when it is posted.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a mom to three, wife to one and a mixture of a lot of other things…including service coordinator for a local group for Christian girls, a full time day care provider and a cycling instructor at two clubs in Rochester, MN.


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