GIVEAWAY...momstyle  Nominate a mom that you know to win this prize and more!

GIVEAWAY…momstyle Nominate a mom that you know to win this prize and more!

Don’t read too much into the title and think this isn’t for you…because really, I think we all know at least one mom or two that could use a few new things.

I’m a mom to three kids.  Cori, the other writer at The Journey, is a mom to three kids.

We want to honor you, moms!  We know the job of “mom” is a tough one.  We know the days when it is fun to see your child growing up and learning new things.  We also know the other side…the days where you are ready to just pull your hair out or lock yourself in the bathroom so you can have at least 1 minute where you don’t have to help anyone.  This job did not come with a paycheck or paid time off…in fact it usually leaves us still needing to work when we are sick.  We are basically on call 24 hours a day.

This is an older video but really, doesn’t it just sum up the role of “mom”?

We know that there are moms that have sacrificed a lot for their families or someone that they love.  We know moms that have gone through sickness and yet still find the strength each day to be there for their families.  We know moms that have suffered heartache and are still putting the pieces back together to find their new normal.  There are moms battling this journey all on their own and they are out there each day, filling the role of both parents.

This is a giveaway where we want to learn more about you and the stories that are out there.  Here are the details:

GIVEAWAY - momstyle  Find details on how to enter at

GIVEAWAY – momstyle Find details on how to enter at


Prizes:  For the winner:  We have a few items that are mom related: 1) Life on Planet Mom (a down-to-earth guide to your changing relationships) book by Lisa T. Bergren.  2) Facial Peel-off Mask, cucumber.  3)Atkins Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat Bar, 4) Larabar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar and 5)$10 Target giftcard (not in the picture but it will be there!).                                                       For the person who submits the entry:  We have a $10 gift card for you too!

How to win:  We want YOU to nominate the winner.  We know there are moms out there that have had their own amazing journey in life.  This doesn’t have to be a mom that has had a huge weightloss…just someone you admire.   Tell us her story.  Tell us about her journey and what she has accomplished that has made you so proud to call her “mom”, “sister”, “grandma”, “aunt” or “friend”.  In 400 words or less, we want you to tell us about a mom that you know that should win.  Dont’ forget to include a picture of this amazing person!

Ends:  May 26th at midnight.

Winner announced:  The Journey will pick the top 5 submissions and will be posting them on The Journey website on May 28th.  We will feature the top 5 and will ask all of you to vote on our Facebook page to name the winner.  Each like, comment or share will count as 1 point.  Voting will end at 9pm (CST) on June 1st with the winner announced on June 2nd.

Where to submit entries:  e-mail all entries to with “The Journey momstyle” in the subject line. All photos should be attached as a .jpg.


Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


The Journey was made to encourage everyone that is on a journey.  Join us, follow us and be part of this group that will help you reach your goals on your own journey.  Find us on Facebook at  


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