FREE Workout #6 by The Journey

The last few weeks in boxing class we have done a routine that has been challenging but also one that we could do at our own pace and was great for anyone at any level.

comfort zoneThis picture describes this workout pretty well.  We all have a comfort zone…where we know we can do things well and we are nice and comfy in that space.  It’s kindof like our bed in the morning…we really would rather stay all covered up on those cold mornings.  Same with working out…we would like to stay where our lungs are screaming and our muscles are just slightly warm…not burning and yelling at us to stop.  Unfortunately…results that most people want to see don’t happen in those cozy spots.  

I don’t want you in those cozy spaces.  You need to walk outside of that circle and find where you aren’t comfortable.  This workout…it will get you outside of your circle.  (If it doesn’t…you need to either go faster or just do more…but this should be challenging just as it is.)

That might be scary…I hear ya.  it is actually the scariest part of boxing for me.  I hear “get in the ring” and I know that I am going to have some pain either in my thighs or in my abs because of conditioning exercises.  I don’t like that part.  I’d rather hit something but I know that conditioning helps me all around and helps me burn what needs to be burned and will help me improve all around.  

Push yourself through the “I cant’s” and the “I’m scared”! moments and just try.  It gets better…that I can promise you.  

At the start of this workout you might think that you can’t finish all of the reps, or the entire amount that is being asked for each exercise.  That is ok!  What should you do instead?  Write down what you did and next time, try to beat that number.  Do this workout until you can finish it completely.  This might be 2 weeks, this might take you longer.  Whatever you find that you can do, do that and then don’t give up until you can say that you completed this workout. 

The-Journey-Workout-6If you find that you aren’t quite ready for Workout #6, check out some of our others that we have posted.  FREE Workouts at The Journey  These are geared for beginners.  You don’t have to know how to do things perfectly.  You don’t have to be an all-star athlete in order to try these workouts.  The only thing you need to do is have the motivation to move and make yourself get up and try.  There is a saying out there in the fitness world, “the exercises don’t get easier, you only get stronger.”  That is true.  Try it…do these workouts continuously for 2 weeks and see if the workouts are easier at the end of that 2 week period.

Click here for a pdf version of the workout:  The Journey Workout 6

What to do for Workout #6:

Bodyweight Squats – One of my favorite exercises to do…squats!  Start standing tall with arms out.  Slowly perform the squat by sticking your butt out, bending forward a bit at your torso and basically pretending to sit in a chair.  Push yourself back up through your heels.  Do 25 of these and try to get low enough so your butt/hips are parallel with your knees, like the picture.

Push-ups – either with knees off the ground or with knees bent and on the ground.  For tips on how to do this exercise correctly, visit    Do 10 pushups.  If you need an easier version than on your knees, you can also start with push-ups on the wall.

Crunches – Hands behind head or crossed in front of chest.  With your stomach muscles contracted, pull your shoulders and head up off the floor slightly.  Hold for just a second as you are up off the floor.  Slowly lower body back to the floor.  Do this 25 times.   Tip:  I learned this past week that I use my hips quite a bit as I do situps and crunches to help me get momentum to pull myself up.  Use those abs to pull yourself up, nothing else.  If you want to check and see if you are using your hips or lower body at all…have someone lay across your hips that is heavy enough not to hurt you but not to move you…or put something heavy across your hips that is stable and won’t hurt you.  If you tend to have momentum from your hips you will notice a difference.  

Do each of these exercises the number of times written above.  Finish all of these at your own pace and then repeat this 2 more times.

Cardio (Walk, Jog, Ride a bike, or Run)at least 20 minutes 3 days each week or some sort of cardio exercise.  The key though is to get your heart rate up and challenge yourself.  Work hard!  How do you know you are working hard enough?  You should be able to say, “Hi my name is _______” and that’s about it. 

We have a special challenge just for those that are with us on Facebook (!  Join us over there to find the details…look under the events tab.  Challenge will go until the end of May 2013.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

– Jessica

Jessica is a mom to three, wife to 1 and dabbles in a few other things like…full time day care provider, certified indoor cycling instructor and likes to lift heavy stuff.  Boxing is also a favorite and almost every Saturday morning is spent in and around a boxing ring.  Fun times!

Thanks for joining us at The Journey!  Be sure to follow us on this site for updates on all contests and giveaways we have going on.  We post FREE workouts as well for beginners and encourage everyone to just start moving…not matter what your fitness level currently is.  You can find us on Facebook as well at


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