A Sip of Soda…the impact I’ve had from drinking pop

image from foodmyths.org

image from foodmyths.org  Larger image available at the bottom of the post.

One month ago we had a challenge to drop the pop…and it was a challenge that a lot of us here at The Journey decided to tackle.

Why?  Why would we try to eliminate something that our society seems to just embrace and consider “the norm”?

Personally, I took this challenge because I knew that my body was dehydrated and I needed to drink more water.  I knew that my metabolism was not where it should be either…and drinking water helps get that all balanced.  I also knew that my  body wasn’t designed to drink pop…and it really was just one more addiction that I was needing to overcome.  At one point in my life I could have easily finished a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi in less than 2 days…no.problem.

During our challenge there was a visual that we posted…and it wasn’t very easy to read.  Time got away from me but…I did happen to find a better and easier version to read tonight.  It is still small…you might have to zoom in…but it should be better.  🙂

So…I’m just going to go down the list and let you know what, if any, changes that I experienced based on this chart.

  • Asthma – I have been on two inhalers for the past 3 years.  In the last couple of years I have had whooping cough, bronchitis more times than I can count and days when I just can’t catch my breathe.  Explaining asthma to someone is hard but the best way for me to explain it is this…it feels like someone is sitting on my chest and I just can’t breathe.  Sometimes this feeling is not only in my chest but in my throat as well.  The last few months I have actually been able to keep my asthma controlled but I would still have moments where I would need my inhaler…and this was usually at least once a day or once every other day.  I almost always needed it after I went running too…that was pretty much a guarantee.  Since I stopped drinking pop I haven’t used my inhaler once…even after I ran/walked a 5k.  
  • Kidney Issues – I’ve never had issues as an adult with my kidney’s but it has been a thought in my mind, especially as I was drinking those huge amounts of pop.  I knew back then, even before seeing this flyer, that drinking pop can increase your chances of kidney stones…but I still drank it.  Go figure.
  • Sugar overload – can’t tell ya this one…I always drank diet so the “sugar” I was drinking wasn’t real.  Nothing in it was real.
  • Obesity – yes, I was.  Majorly so, actually.
  • Dissolves Tooth Enamel – ha…funny story.  So, I dislike the dentist quite a bit.  Mostly because they cause me pain.  Most of my teeth have had work done on them and I’m not sure if I have any teeth left that haven’t been drilled.  At one visit the dentist specifically asked me if I drank pop.  My honest answer (just like how I answer the floss question 😉 was “of course”.  He then continued to ask me if I drank pop throughout the day or if I drank it all at once followed by water.  My answer was…I drink it all day long.  One can is opened, finished and then another can is brought out a few minutes later.  My enamel was starting to decay in areas and I have the cavities to prove it.
  • Heart Disease – personally, I don’t have it.  My blood pressure is really good and actually was pretty good even when I was a lot heavier.  Heart disease runs in my family though…and that scares me.  My dad has had several instances where he just shouldn’t be here because of heart attacks or because his heart was out of rhythm.  I have said my goodbyes to him twice now…that is how close he has been to no longer being with us on this planet.  Do I have the body and eating habits like my dad?  Yep.  That’s what is scary.  I ate just like him and I saw where my future was going.  If getting rid of pop means I don’t have to have my chest cracked…I think I’m ok with that.
  • Reproduction issues – I’ve got three kids.  I haven’t had any issues with what is stated here on this flyer.
  • Osteoporosis – now this is something that has also been in the back of my mind.  I don’t drink milk (lactose intolerant).  I don’t like the other “milk” options…cause I think the taste is just gross.  I hardly ever remember to take calcium pills.  I do eat some cheese but the amount I can have is pretty small.  I’m not sure that my calcium level is where is should be.  I knew that drinking pop had a connection with this illness.  I do a lot of strength training which is supposed to help build up your bones and make those stronger too…so hopefully I’m balancing this out.
  • Increased risk of diabetes – runs in the family and I DO NOT WANT THIS!  This is something we can stop…and something I knew I was on the path for and I would gladly take steps not to get this illness.  I don’t think people realize how horrible this illness is…cause if they did we would have a society changing their ways real fast.  The word “diabetes” should scare someone to change but really, right here in the big ol’ USA, “diabetes” is just another word that rolls off of our backs.  It is sad.

Am I continuing with the Drop The Pop Challenge?  After reading all of that info, yes.  After having a month where I have been able to breathe without needing help…no question about it!

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


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image from foodmyths.org

image from foodmyths.org


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