Summer Fun List

Cori here … My kids’ last day of school was Friday! Bring on SuMmeR vAcaTIon! The song above has been in my head all week, so I thought you would all enjoy having it in your heads, too. 🙂 Memorial Day seems like the official start to summer, although I realize some of you still have school going on for a week or two.

I love summer break and the chance to get away from the school year routine and hang out with my kids. However, it can also be an adjustment to have kids around all day. 🙂 They are used to having more structure, and Mom is used to having a little more calm and quiet and the chance to grocery shop without taking a circus with her. Are you with me? I’m always open to ideas for helping ease the transition to summer and keeping my kids from proclaiming, “I’m bored!”

One of the things we’ve done around my house for several years now is to make a Summer Fun List. It’s a simple list of things we’d like to do during the summer. We brainstorm some ideas, write them down and try to do as many as we can.

Part of our first Summer Fun List.

Part of our first Summer Fun List.

This idea actually started after a summer when I had a ton of things that I wanted to do with my kids, but we didn’t get around to very many of them. The following summer I wanted to do better, so we made a list. We didn’t get to everything, but we were definitely more intentional about getting to the things we really wanted to do. A new tradition was born, and one that we look forward to every summer.

That first list, when the kids were pretty little, had things like “sing songs” and “read books” on it. Other things have included going to parks, going for hikes and going out for ice cream. Most of the things on the list are pretty simple things, but there’s something about involving the kids and getting it on a list that helps us get it done. We do include our travel

A few items from our list last year.

A few items from our list last year.

plans on the list, too, so it was pretty fun to write “Go to Disney World!” on our list a couple years ago. We’ll be working on our list over the next few days. I’m thinking about making each kid think of at least one thing that we’ve never had on our list before.

This post from Nesting Place talks about how many summers we have with our kids before they grow up. It’s kind of sad to think about, but also an invitation to make the most of our time.

How about you? How do you survive summer break? What things do you want to accomplish with your kids this summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer Fun List

  1. Sarah J.

    We make a list too!!! Love it. (although we have 8 more days of school) Pick a date and we can meet you for item #1! And what/where is Frosty Udder? Ice cream place I presume. One of our traditions is going to the Covered Bridge park and DQ on the 1st day of summer break 🙂


    1. Cori D. Post author

      I wrote this one, Sarah, and the lists are some old ones we made the last few years. But, yes, Frosty Udder is an ice cream place in my town. Yummy! 🙂



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