Hello Bloggy Friends!

Hello The Journey Blog subscribers! This short message is just for you who might not be a part of our Facebook groupies.

FB PageYou see, as of 9:30 a.m. on June 5, we have 527 total followers if you combine our blog subscribers and Facebook “likes.” We have 460 Facebook likes. I’m not the best at math, but I think that means some of you don’t like us on Facebook. And that’s fine. We totally understand if receiving our posts via Facebook doesn’t work for you.

GiveawayBut, I do want you to know we have a giveaway going on right now that you may have missed. You can read more about it on our Giveaway & Sponsors Page, but once we get 500 likes on Facebook, we will giveaway a headband from Simple Trends to someone who has shared the Facebook post pictured on the right.

Facebook lost our original post, so we have to start over with our entries. This gives you an unfair advantage, because our likes have been growing daily and the giveaway will probably happen soon! So, if you are interested, hop on over to our Facebook page and check out how to enter the giveaway!

–Cori D. 🙂




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