Bodyweight Exercises…FREE Workout!

keep calm squatBodyweight exercises are really a great tool to use to help you get in shape.  You need two things…

  1. objects in your home and
  2. YOU!

Today we are including a workout that is all about bodyweight.  Not only is it challenging but will show you that using just your body really can make a great sweat.  You can find the bodyweight exercises in this pdf:  Bodyweight Exercises

This workout is not new to The Journey…but is new to all but about 15 people.  This was given to a group here at The Journey that is currently part of a challenge called “Let’s Lose This Fat”.  We have been going through a book written by Nia Shanks (which I highly recommend!) and are incorporating ways to workout at home that will help us reach our goals of getting that fat off of our bodies.  If you’d like to learn more about the challenge, which includes info on nutrition and strength training,  you can find it at this link:  Let’s Lose This Fat Challenge

Here are a few other links of resources to look at for bodyweight exercises:

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

-Jessica & Cori

Find more exercises and playlists for your journey right here!


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