The Struggle to Run When You Still Need to Breathe

images (39)Vacation for 8 days.

Lack of workouts the week before vacation.

Now I’m back to Minnesota…and it is sunny outside, no rain in the forecast and the temps are in the 80’s.  GOR-GE-OUS!

Nice weather outside which means…naps on the deck.  😉  Just kidding…it really means that we should be outside getting some workouts done!

One thing I have been working on, mostly on nice days like today, is the Couch 2 5k (C25k) program.  I am learning how to run and this will help me get ready for The Warrior Dash coming up in September.  I have been hitting the pavement with my feet and need to get back into that groove now that vacation is over.  Running isn’t my favorite thing to do and is actually harder for me than the majority of the obstacles in The Warrior Dash but it is part of the race and the fun.

Here at The Journey, Cori has put together an event on our Facebook page for those wanting to run a 5k…and we are going through the C25k program at our own pace but with support from each other.  It is helpful and encouraging to see that others are having similar struggles as myself but it is also really awesome to see days and weeks being finished with this program.  (Way to go all of you working on the C25k Challenge!)

One note and comment that I see coming up a lot that I also struggle with is…breathing while running.

This is tough.

images (40)I know for me, I see all these runners out there and they are cruising along at speeds that are just incredibly fast.  How is someone even capable of breathing when they are running faster than 6 mph?  I like a nice, slow pace so I know that when I breathe in…I will be able to breathe out too without passing out on the road.  It truly is unreal for me to even think that it is possible to finish a 5k in under 35 minutes.  My lowest time so far has been 39 minutes and I thought I was going to die at the end.  No lie.

I also see those quotes “running is cheaper than therapy” and I gotta be honest…I don’t get it.  Running might send me to therapy.  The kind I’m thinking of is more of the physical therapy type…or maybe just an ER with an oxygen mask available.  😉

Do I get jealous of others that have amazingly fast legs?  Yes.

I know we are all built differently and have strengths that vary…but just once I would luv to run a mile completely or a 5k in less than 30 minutes.  Wouldn’t that just be lovely?!  Maybe I am just wanting what I know I can’t have.  This could be similar to those who have curly hair…they want straight hair.  And those with straight hair…want curly hair.

My strength isn’t running.  Deep inside I understand that and I have accepted that...ok, most days I have been 100% ok with this realization.  I can run…but I have asthma and bad hips…and am not a small build type of person.  Running is not my forte.  My body was built for deadlifts and push presses.  Those…I can do.  I can even do them pretty well and I think they are fun.

I have made progress with these feet and body of mine…but I want more.  I want to be able to run a mile without stopping and my dream is to run a 5k without stopping.  This takes major practice though and learning some tricks…and one of those is how to breathe.  As I said above, breathing is hard and is something that many of us struggle with as we learn how to run.

Here are a few links with tips and tricks that I have found and sometimes use to help me be able to breathe in and out while running…and still be able to keep on going:

Find out more about our C25K Challenge on our Facebook page at (look at the events tab when you get there).  You can give us a “like” too!  

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams


Jessica is a mom to three kids, wife to 1 and is a certified fitness instructor for group exercise and indoor cycling.  Jessica had a journey of losing 80 pounds and is continuing to work on this journey today as well as encourage others to also keep moving and making better changes for their lives.  You can find out more about her journey and weightloss right here at this link.


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