Summer Routines … Or Not

I think we’re approximately halfway through summer, although I’m really not sure. It seems like summer is flying by, and the month of July is a busy one for my (Cori’s) family. I have four or five blog post ideas to write about based on some recent experiences, but I should get this one done first because, as Jessica likes to say, we need to keep it REAL around here.

I love summer and the change of pace. We’re still busy, but the busy changes. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so my routines might change more than yours if you are working full time outside your home. The truth is, the routines around my house have flown out the window! And random routines means random exercise and random eating. Some of it is fine, and some of it is bad. It’s just reality for my family for the summer.

The good is we’re still very active. My exercise over the last few weeks has included mowing the lawn, swimming at the local pool, running along side a kid on a bike helping to balance as she attempts to ride without training wheels, playing co-ed softball, going on a hike and hiking (?? ha ha!) around an amusement park for a day. I’m working my way through the Couch to 5K Challenge with hopes of being ready for the Warrior Dash in September.

Another good thing is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available to eat! Yummo! We almost always have a big bowl of fruit salad in the fridge and we’re hoping our little garden produces a few veggies for us to eat. Our lunch yesterday was some fresh green beans and fruit.

The bad news is that I had high hopes of completing the Let’s Lose This Fat Challenge that Jessica is doing, but that just hasn’t been happening. The lack of structure to our days makes it harder to get regular workouts in. We stay up late at softball games or hanging out with family or friends. My usual time to exercise during the school year is early in the morning before the kids get ready for school. That’s just not happening this summer. And it truly is hard to get back into good routines when you’ve been away on a vacation or out of town for a weekend.

And the abundance of some fruit means I made a bunch of pies and then, of course, had to eat some of them. My husband has been picking black raspberries by the ice cream bucket full at his Dad’s farm. They make yummy pies. Sigh.

Don't wave the white flag, just let your beach towel hang in the sun and learn from your journey.

Don’t wave the white flag, just let your beach towel hang in the sun and learn from your journey.

Maybe I’m making excuses, and maybe I’m just dealing with the reality of my life right now. The best news is that I haven’t waved the white flag of surrender and given up. I’m not eating or exercising the best, but I haven’t quit doing what I can in this season. That is part of being on a journey … the very thing we’re all about here. None of us are perfect or even attempting to be perfect. We all will go through various seasons that make it easier or harder to keep up with our goals. My normal reaction when not reaching a goal is to give up, call it quits and label myself a failure. I’ve been reminding myself lately that journeys don’t have to stop unless we let them. We make choices every day and the journey continues!

Has summer thrown you for a loop? Are you struggling to meet your goals? Don’t quit! Keep making small changes and you will see results. If your routine is random like mine, your results will be more random, too, but keep moving in the right direction!


4 thoughts on “Summer Routines … Or Not

  1. Kristi

    Love this post! Thanks for keeping it real! I think we can all relate to this. Summers, for me, since I have no kids and am a teacher actually give me a bit more flexibility in scheduling workouts but it doesn’t always make getting them done any easier. Once school starts, I have to be more conscious about planning my workouts and getting them in before work. I think you made a great point about not giving up even though things are not as structured right now. You’re moving in the right direction! Keep at it! 🙂


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