Yogurt Bites





Let’s just say this right now…I’m not a professional photographer so my pictures…are what my house and I look like.  K?  I’m not photoshopping anything for you…including myself!  My hair is in a bunish type of thing…which is basically what it looks like all the time.  🙂

I did want to share this very easy snack with you.  My kids really enjoyed these and I thought they were tasty too.  Something simple and easy to make and cool for those hot days.

Yogurt Bites

What you need:

  • yogurt 
  • sandwich bag
  • scissors
  • wax paper
  • tray
  • freezer

I grabbed a tub of yogurt at the store and this time reached for a strawberry blend of Greek yogurt.  I was going to puree some fresh fruit into plain greek yogurt…but this was faster.

I dumped a bunch of yogurt into the sandwich bag, cut off the end of the bag and used it just like you would to put frosting on a cake.  It works great AND you can just throw the bag out when you are done.

We made many dots on the wax paper of yogurt…some bigger than others and some pretty tiny.  Turns out that the smaller size (about a dime or penny) really works the best.

Put the tray of yogurt dots into the freezer until they were solid.

Take the dots off of the wax paper and enjoy!

These do melt rather quickly so you need to eat them right away.  They taste great though and kids can even help make this fun snack.


Headband from Simple-Trends

– Jessica


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