Heads Up Bands – a product review by Cori and Jessica


After a strength training class. A few strands are hanging out…but nothing in my eyes.


Just done with teaching a class…all hairs in check.


Done teaching cycling class…I think you can see the sweat on my face.


This week Cori and I did a little bit of product testing on a headband from Heads Up Bands.  It was hard work, groupies…but someone has to do it.  😉

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Back to the product review…

We both wanted to give our honest opinion so we are writing our reviews at different times but haven’t looked at what the other wrote…so as to not sway our decisions.

Jessica’s Take on Heads Up Bands:  Right now my hair is about halfway down my back.  It is long layers…like, really long and unmanageable because I haven’t had a haircut in over 8 months (don’t freak out all of you that rely on haircuts with your same stylist…I just go when I need to and usually end up at Great Clips.  I’m hearing the gasps already.  Oh, and I color my hair from a box.  That should send some of you into cardiac arrest.)  So, my hair is long.  My bangs used to be bangs but now are at about my chin.  They are at that point where sometimes they are in my ponytail but most of the time they fall out and my hair ends up in my face.  I typically use bobby pins to hold those stray chunks of hair in place while I am exercising…or do the typical thing and just throw a hat on.

In the mail I received a few head bands to try out.  A pretty black one with white dots and a sparkly teal one.  Time to put them to the test.

Before I tell you how these headbands worked out for me…I just gotta say that I had my doubts.  My head is not a great head for headbands.  The back of my head is very flat and most of the time my headbands just slide off.  I tend to get headaches quite a bit too when I wear normal headbands that have pressure right behind the ears.  I was willing to try these though…see if these might work better for me.

I tried these out three different days and took some pictures.  I have not done any running while wearing these but did teach a few classes while wearing the headbands…and also enjoyed these another way:

  1. I taught two strength training classes where we did jumping jacks, lunges, lifted weights in a variety of ways…head up, head down, on the floor, standing up, side planks…pretty much my hair had a chance to move all over and this also gave the headband the opportunity to move if it wanted to.  Did it?  Nope.  Stayed put the entire time.
  2. The last class I taught while I was wearing the headband was an indoor cycling class.  I am on a bike the majority of the class but the amount of sweat that I produce, especially on my forehead, is just insane.  The room is a very humid place, the workout is intense and challenging…and I usually have a nice pool of sweat around my bike at the end of class.  One of the pictures at the top is of me at the end of class.  Headband STILL in the same spot.
  3. My other special moment where I’ve been wearing these are…pretty much ALL THE TIME!  Not only do these look great with ponytails but you can just use them as a headband, keep your hair down and walk out the door.  So easy and pretty cute.
My glitter band and glistening face after a run.

My glitter band and glistening face after a run.

Cori’s turn. My hair is the longest it’s been in a while. It’s still not very long, but it’s about chin-length and increasingly getting in my way. It’s not long enough for a pony tail, but too long to just leave hanging in my face when I’m trying to get some exercise. I honestly didn’t think I was a headband person, but now that I’ve been using my Heads Up Bands, I might be changing my mind.

It’s been hot and humid on my morning runs, and the headband definitely stays in place. It sometimes feels like it is moving, but whenever I check, it’s still in the original position. I suspect that “moving” sensation might change once I get used to wearing a hair band more often. My hair stays back and I think the amount of sweat pouring down my face has been less, too. I have really enjoyed using the Heads Up Bands!

It’s fairly complicated to take a picture of myself with my bulky camera, but there I am right after a run. Proof that the band didn’t move around, because you can see my bright red, sweaty face. (Who puts a picture like that on the internet?) Anyway, I decided the glitter in my band matches the glistening sweat on my face. 😉

Cori and I both give Heads Up Bands a thumbs up!  This is one product we WOULD buy…and think you should take a second and check them out too.  Plus…the story behind the creation of this product is pretty amazing.  😉  For more information about Heads Up Bands you can visit them at their website (www.headsupbands.com) or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HeadsUpBands.  Let them know that The Journey sent ya!  

Thanks Heads Up Bands!  Great product & it has been a blast talking with you and learning more about your company.  

-Jessica & Cori

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