The Countdown Has Begun…1 month till we become WARRIORS

Jessica at the Warrior Dash in 2012.  (Jessica is the one standing by the letter "h")

Jessica at the Warrior Dash in 2012. (Jessica is the one standing by the letter “h”)

It is here groupies…we are at the 1 month mark until Cori and I become…WARRIORS!

That’s right.

We are going to throw on some not-so-nice clothes and some shoes that we really don’t want to keep anymore and go running, climbing and swimming through some mud.  WARRIOR DASH OR BUST!  (ok…the bust part is kindof funny because you really will have mud caked on to your boobs.  no joke.)

Cori and I…and a few of our favorite peeps…will be joining the Warrior Dash on September 7th in Hugo, MN!   Ahhh!

The excitement is in the air already.  We and by we, I mean Cori has been running and getting ready for this spectacular and challenging event.  I’m thinking more about what to wear…that is taking up my training time.  🙂

Last year I had the fabulous opportunity to participate in the Warrior Dash with my sister and a friend.  IT. WAS. AWESOME!  You can check out how I did, what I thought and some pictures at my post from last year…Warrior Dash 2012.

Are we going to be taking pictures?  You betcha!  We will post them as soon as we get some food, get cleaned off with the fire hose and take a shower.

Can others join us?  Sure…right now the only time that is still open is 2:30pm…however you can ask to go in with our group or look for a transfer which is the noon heat.  I have noticed though that no one really checks to see if you are going at the right time…just sayin’.

How can I sign up?  It’s easy!  Just head on over to the Warrior Dash website!

Have you been part of a mud run?  Share you favorite part!  We’d love to hear about any great stories from your journey.  Maybe you even have a tip that you’d like to pass on to us too.

Cheer us on!  Follow us here at The Journey for all updates on our trek to be WARRIORS!  😉  You can also find us at Facebook at

Jessica & Cori at our last meetup. Next group photo might be a bit on the dirtier side. 😉



2 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Begun…1 month till we become WARRIORS

  1. Cori D.

    Meet Jessica & Cori. We’re famous. 😉

    I think we need to combine my running (although, I’m pretty slow) with your muscle strength! And did you say swim in mud? Cause I think you did, and I think that must be some sort of wrong wording. 😉


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