Keeping Score

Our lives aren’t defined by our greatest successes or our biggest mistakes. It’s Thursday. We can quit keeping score. — Bob Goff

I like that quote. A lot. I find myself trying to keep score often, and not just with fitness and weight loss goals, but just in life in general. It’s really silly, but I do it anyway.

I was feeling discouraged that I hadn’t worked as hard as I had hoped over the summer. Part of that was some unrealistic expectations, and part of it is the randomness of our routine has made it hard to be consistent with exercise and eating well.

Keeping ScoreThe biggest problem might be I’m keeping score. I’m comparing what I’m doing this summer to what I was doing over the winter and spring. I’m comparing my not-as-good-routine to my best-ever routine. We have a tendency to compare our worst to someone else’s best, but comparing my “right now” to my “personal best” is just as dangerous.

We’re all on a journey! (That sounds like a great name for a blog! Wink, wink. 😉 ) We’re about small changes that make a difference to the big picture. When I think about my journey and start keeping score differently, well, then I am very much encouraged and not discouraged! The truth is, that number on my scale has stayed about the same. No, it’s not where I want it to be, but at least it hasn’t gotten higher over the summer. I took some measurements this morning, and they were all either the same or slightly (like a quarter inch) lower than the last time I measured. I think that is proof that the small changes are still working. The ability to maintain my weight and measurements is just as important as being able to drop those measurements.

I have made some changes in my life — over several years time now — that have stuck. The evidence isn’t always dramatic, but over time the results are noticeable. I just have to make sure I pay attention to how I’m keeping score.

We are going to have ups and downs in our journeys. We don’t expect anyone to maintain drastic changes to their lives. It’s very hard to go extreme and stick with it. Sure, you probably know someone who has done that. I’m thinking of someone I know who has. But, that is one person. The majority of the people I know have ups and downs, good days and bad, super springs and not as good summers.

Wherever you are on that spectrum today, make sure you are keeping score fairly. Look at some of the small changes where you have gained victory! In the areas where you’ve crashed and burned, evaluate what went wrong and learn how it might work better next time. But, most importantly, keep moving forward and tackling one small change at a time! Keep up the good work! You’re doing great!

P.S. There is still time to join the Virtual 5K — Round 2! We’ve been so pumped to see the pictures of everyone doing their 5Ks! It’s so inspiring! The encouragement y’all are giving each other is simply A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

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