14 Day Bodyweight Challenge…Day 2

Slide1Yesterday we launched our 14 day challenge that will help you develop a healthy habit of exercising.  You can catch up and find Day 1 right here!

We are starting with small workouts that take 15 minutes or less and are continuing with that today on Day 2.  Our focus for the day is our core muscles…or that stomach area.

core-musclesYesterday I was asked a few questions about the terms we use like glutes and core so I thought I’d pass along some technical stuff as well as the workouts to help you understand what it is that you are working.  The picture above really gives a great view of what the core area is all about and why we should be focusing on these muscles.

We get so excited when a baby rolls over for the first time from the stomach to their back.  We record when they roll over the first time and videotape these great first moves.  I didn’t realize how important those muscles were until I was asked to lay on the floor during my months of physical therapy and work on this very early movement we have all mastered as an infant.  I put my hands to the side and was only supposed to use my stomach muscles to turn my body over.  I worked and worked on turning over and realized how hard those little babies are working…and how much I needed to strengthen those muscles.  I’ll admit…there were a few times I had to cheat and push off with my arms.  If you haven’t tried rolling over in awhile without using your hands I challenge you to try it.  😉

Todays group of exercises are focusing on the core muscles that are shown in the picture above.  Not only will it help rev up that metabolism and help you burn calories a little longer throughout the day but you will get stronger, which will help with your posture, balance and sometimes lower back pain.

Below you fill find the info for Day 2!

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

20130717-222549.jpg– Jessica

Jessica is a mom of three, wife to 1 and is challenging others to start taking smaller steps to develop healthier habits in their lives.  Everyone has a journey and you can read about Jessica’s 80 lb. weightloss journey right here.



Day 2:

Do the first three exercises down the row and then take a little 30 second break.  Repeat this 3 times.  Finish up the workout with intervals just like day 1.  These intervals will start to get a bit easier…and if you feel like you can do 4 intervals of jumping jacks…go for it!

Here are a few videos to help you learn how to do the exercises for today.

Reverse Crunches

Front Plank

Bicycle Exercise (may not be what you think it is…so check out this link)

Day 2 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge


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