14 Day Bodyweight Challenge…Day 3

Slide1The Journey started the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge a few days ago.  The entire goal of this challenge is to help you learn how to make exercise and being active more of a habit rather than something that we continuously have on our to-do list.

You want to see results on your journey…and to do that we have to do the work.  I’m sorry to tell you that but it really is the truth.  Starting can be tough though and hard and is usually the part where people get burned out and just give up because it seems like it is too much, or they do too much at the start.  I know, I’ve been there.  Three + years ago I was having a hard time just walking up our stairs and was carrying quite a bit more weight on my body than I am now.  Don’t believe me?  Go read my story.

What is the secret to getting healthier and losing weight?  Start small and you will have a better chance of NOT burning out.  So, just start with Day 1, do Day 2…and keep going.  By Day 14 you will have a body that is getting used to moving more and you might even start to see a change in how those pants are fitting by the end of those 2 weeks.  That right there is a bonus to doing the work.

Back to the challenge…Day 1 and Day 2 are DONE!  Be proud of yourself for sticking with it and working on these small changes.  Day 3 is here and you will like this one…because if you did Day 1 and Day 2 right, you should be ready for Day 3.

day 3Day 3

Today is a day of rest…but not a “lay on the couch” type of rest day, active rest is what we are looking for today.  You can find the image for Day 3 at the end of this article.

Active Rest = performing light exercises that stimulate the recovery process without imposing undue stress on the injured body part

If you are sore at all from Day 1 or Day 2, you have some muscles that are needing some time to get better before we work them again.  As we strength train and work those muscles, we end up putting micro tears in them during this process.  Each group of muscles needs a break in between when they are used and active recovery is a great way to let those areas heal while still giving our bodies a chance to move.

What are some forms of active recovery?  Cycling, swimming and walking are all great forms of this type of exercise.  For this challenge we will be focusing on walking.

15 minutes is all you need to do for Day 3.  Walk at a steady pace that you set for yourself and bring a timer.  If you haven’t gone on a walk in awhile, take it easy and don’t go overboard thinking that walking is not challenging enough.  This is your recovery day…it isn’t supposed to be a workout that leaves you gasping for air.

We always finish up our challenge with intervals…and today you should really notice that these are getting much easier than how you felt on Day 1.

How is the challenge going for you?  Any areas where you are sore?

Keep working hard and sticking with it!  You are doing a great job.

20130717-222549.jpg– Jessica

Jessica is a mom of three kids, a wife to 1 and is a group fitness instructor at two locations in Rochester, MN.  Boxing, cycling and strength training is what she is passionate about as well as teaching women that they are capable of doing more than just a treadmill/elliptical workout.  You can read about her story of getting healthier and why The Journey was started at the blog post called “The Beginning”


14 Day Bodyweight Challenge Day 3


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