14 Day Bodyweight Challenge…Day 4

images (17)Can you believe that you have stuck with this for 4 days already…AND you are still alive and didn’t fall over in the process?

For those just reading, this site has started a 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge and there is still time to get started.  You can find out most of the details and catch up with these links:  Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

New things, especially moving more with exercise is tough.  But, get it in your head right now that you CAN do this!  If you just take that mentality and say it over and over…you will start to believe it.  And then guess what!?  You will DO IT!

Just remind yourself to take baby steps…a little more today than what you did yesterday…that is all you need to do.  As I started my journey I would even challenge myself to park just a few cars farther in the parking lots than my usual spots just so I would get a few more steps in each day.  Small changes lead to the big picture!

Day 4 is here and we are going to focus on that upper body.  Before we start though, can I just share…my upper body is something that I didn’t work on for a very long time.  I am in my (cough, cough) 30’s and I would say that a good portion of those years, at least 34 of them 😉 didn’t have any desire to make a push-up happen with this body.  It was hard.  I didn’t like them.  My body had some weird reaction and hurt in places that just weren’t comfortable.  And, I mean really, I would do one and there would be nothing to show for all of that hard work moving up and then down.  What was the point?

I’ve heard similar things from others…and I just gotta say this…so listen up…

do somethingAny movement you do…is better than not moving at all.  Just do something different than what you are already doing.

Is it a huge deal if you can only do 1 pushup?  No!  I know the exercise might say more but the point isn’t if you can do what is on the sheet.  The point is that you are trying and that you keep working on this.  So, do 1 today if that is your limit.  The next time you see a pushup come up as a to-do or you just feel like trying it again, do 2.  Always keep working to improve and DON’T dwell or focus on the fact that you can’t do a huge number.

I think one of my biggest ah-ha moments during this fitness/healthy journey was a time when a friend of mine was walking with me at the gym to the locker room.  If you see this person, her ams are like rocks.  It is like…you can see those muscles and she isn’t even doing anything to make that happen…no bicep flexing or squeezing to make those muscles pop.  We had a short and very sweet conversation that went a little something like this…

Me “My upper body is so weak and I’d like really get stronger in that area.”

Friend “so work on your upper body.”

She wasn’t being rude, she was just being matter of fact…but her comment stuck with me for days and months and really hit the issue right on the head.  If there is an area that is weaker that I know I want to improve I actually need to work on that area.  I knew that but having it spoken out loud to me was what I needed.

Keep that in mind as you are working through this challenge or even as you are noticing that there is an area that you are a little weaker in than what you would like.  It takes work to make changes happen.  It might be difficult at first but it does get better.

Just keep working at it and you will get stronger and healthier!  You can find exercises for Day 4 below.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

20130717-222549.jpg– Jessica

Jessica is a mom of three kids, wife to 1 and a group fitness instructor at two locations in Rochester, MN.  She enjoys cycling, boxing and lifting the heavy stuff.  You can find out more about Jessica and Cori at their about page.



Day 4:  Upper Body

Here are a few articles/videos that explain the exercises listed for today.


Chair Dips


Day 4 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge


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