14 Day Bodyweight Challenge…Day 5

Sometimes we just need a few words of encouragement to keep moving forward.

The other day I was teaching a cycling class and the comments at about minute 35 were just hilarious.  I’ll share those in a sec.  First you have to get a glimpse of what class is like…because I know that there are a lot of people here at The Journey that don’t belong to a gym or the thought of attending a fitness class sortof freak you out (I know…I’ve that that too so I’m right there with ya.).  In the classes I teach, these really are individual workouts although they are in a group setting.  I can tell you what you could do on the bike and direct where the class is going with different exercises we are doing on and off the bike…but the individual sitting in that seat really is the one who is in charge of the intensity that they want during class.

In this particular class we had about 15 minutes left, which tends to be the part where you glance at the clock a bit more and wonder when the torture is going to be over.  I know…I’ve sat in that seat wondering the same thing (even though my instructor is awesome…I still had those thoughts!  Sorry, Melissa!).  Let’s just say that the words being expressed by a few sitting in the seats in front of me were pretty vocal and they were sharing their thoughts…in a nice way.  I wasn’t making them stay.  I wasn’t doing anything different than I would in any other class.  But, this did happen to be a class that wasn’t my regular…I was the sub…so I really didn’t know these people at all.

Imagine riding your bike up a hill that is pretty big and the words “are we done yet?” being screamed out at you.  Or,

I actually say "don't cheat yourself...but this is close

I actually say “don’t cheat yourself…but this is close

“this is hard” or even “you can stop now.  I think this is the last song for class, right?”.

Those words can really ruin any motivation you have to finish the rest of the class…and not just for me but those sitting in the class may not push as hard because they are listening to the negative stuff.  You already did 35 minutes of class…you have just a few moments left and you are done.  That’s it!  Suck it up, tell yourself that you are going to finish this class and get moving.”  15 minutes compared to 35 is nothing.

We can think the same thing for challenges that we start too.  I think that is one thing that irks me about all of the month long challenges that are out there and posted on other fitness pages.  One of the latest ones that I saw was for plank month.  At some point in the middle of the month you were supposed to go to 3 minute planks…but you just started at 15 seconds at the start of the month.  I am sure this is possible for some…but if I am laughing about it and looking at those crazy numbers you want me to hold my body up (that is overweight and fluffy)…I can tell you right now that it isn’t happening.  (I know you are thinking the same thing about some of the crazy things posted out there…right?!  I mean, who finishes those?!)  I am guessing that the number of people who actually finish a month long challenge is 1%.  That’s my guess.  My research…I’ve never finished one…so it isn’t full fledged research but is based on a beginners perspective.  🙂  Why put all that effort and time in making something that most people who are starting won’t even finish.

challengeThat is why we are doing a 14 day challenge…to help you start developing the habits of moving more with some small steps…not a month long fitness schedule that adds more and more each day.  It just isn’t possible for a beginner…and shouldn’t be expected of you.  14 days…you can do that.  I know it!

If for some reason though the doubt is starting to pop up in your mind and the negative words are leaking in…DON’T LISTEN!  Don’t listen to that negative stuff!  Don’t let the CAN’T words beat you…and remember that you CAN do this!

So today, not only will we get Day 5 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge (you can find it at the end of this post) but you will also get some of my favorite quotes on this post that have helped me on my journey and a few things that I like to scream right back (in a nice way) when I see people giving up on themselves during class…or those that give me eye rolls or like to verbalize their thoughts on exercises they hate to do.  😉

I also came across this quote the other day that has stuck with me…and is something I think we should all have hung up so we see it everyday.

“Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.” -Tara Stiles


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(If you missed the first part of this bodyweight challenge…here are the links to day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4)


Jessica is a mom to 3, wife to 1 and a group fitness instructor at two locations in Rochester, MN.  Her passion is to help women gain confidence at the gym, learn how to move more and get healthy.  You can read about her journey as well as others that were willing to share their stories with others.

Day 5 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge

We are back to that lower body.  Here are a few articles/videos to help you as you do these exercises:


Calf Raises

Sumo Squats – it shows a weight but start off by doing these without weights and holding your hands in front of you



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