14 Day Bodyweight Challenge…Day 6 (and how to conquer that sore factor)

Slide1Day 6 of our 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge is at your fingertips…in fact, it is right at the end of this post.

But don’t skip all this…because we are doing a Q&A today…and if you are doing this challenge for the first time you may just want to read the answers.

The other night I was asked…

How do you handle the soreness factor with exercising?

I have had many moments of being sore…you know the kind…where you really are dreading using the bathroom because you don’t want your legs to have to bend.  😉  You know what I’m talking about (and if you don’t…you need to do more squats!)

leg-day-36Here are a few of my tips to combat the pain that might come from exercising.  I have used all of these at various times over the last few years…and they work…

  • Icy Hot.  I used this mostly when I had my hip pain during my pregnancies.  Not sure how many tubes of this I went through exactly but I would paste this stuff on because it was the only relief I could get at that point.  I also used this when I was a drum major in high school.  Takin’ ya way back here but I went to a camp to learn how to be a drum major.  I had an upper body that was so sore…I could hardly put a shirt on.  It was a sad, sad situation.
  • Tiger Balm.  It sounds strange but it is a little jar of happy…that is what it is.  This works pretty much the same as Icy Hot.  It gives a nice warm feeling on the area that is sore and just gives some comfort.  The smell is a little strong, just like Icy Hot, but for those days when you need some relief, this is wonderful.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need a lot of this to work…spread it on thin and it will do its magic.
  • Aveda Blue Oil.  This is a newer one for me but gave me some relief when I was battling some issues with my shoulder.  I went to go get a massage because the pain was just unbearable…and was going into my neck and I had constant headaches.  The person helping me out recommended trying what she had used and using it on those trouble areas as needed.  The smell isn’t as strong as the Icy Hot and Tiger Balm and there isn’t the heat with it either but it does seem to help.
  • warrior dash cori and jessStretch.  Stretch.  Stretch.  Cori and I recently did the Warrior Dash and I really enjoyed watching all the people on the side as they were getting ready for their race.  They had great costumes, funny shirts on…and were stretching and doing all sorts of weird movements before the race to “help their muscles”.  Here is the thing…if your muscles aren’t warmed up you may actually be doing more damage by stretching rather than good.  Yes, I understand that some of these people may have just done a warmup and are just getting ready for the 5k portion of the race.  But…you see almost ZERO people covered in mud and stretching AFTER the race.  AFTER…that is the time to stretch.  Take the last 5 to 10 minutes of your workout and stretch.  Make those muscles feel good and just enjoy that time laying on the floor and moving your body every which way.
  • Foam Rolling.  This is a new concept for many…and was new to me too.  I really had no idea what the purpose of this was until I tried it and realized how great foam rolling really is.  I honestly should do it more too.  What is foam rolling?  It is pain to help the pain…basically.  🙂  It sounds odd and it looks a bit odd too…but it is FABULOUS!  Most gyms have a few foam rollers and types to use…otherwise they are very easy to find and aren’t too expensive.  This is a great article that talks about foam rolling, the how-to’s and why even do this… How to Foam Roll
  • and the rest…heating pad, Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc.  Yes, I have taken a few pills sometimes just to dull the pain…and I have no problem with that.

I do want to say though that it is important to let those muscles rest.  Listen to what that body is telling you!  But…don’t interpret soreness as a need to just stop entirely and give up on exercising ever again.

There are a few ways to make your body adjust a little bit better to exercising…and here are a few ideas to try so your entire body won’t be in incredible pain from exercising.  If you work legs one day, don’t work them the next day in your exercises.  Pick your core or upper body instead and let the legs have a break and a chance to recover.  You can also choose to do a full body workout one day, rest or active rest the next and then just continue on with that pattern.  Be sure to have those rest days in there even if it is just a day where you go for a walk or casual bike ride.

Probably the best tip that I can pass along today is…just keep moving.  Sometimes I really do feel better once I start moving again.  I might have a day where the soreness is just at insane levels but if I start moving and get over those first 5 minutes of uncomfortableness…my body doesn’t feel as sore and I actually feel better.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!  Rest those muscles and keep on moving.  🙂


Jessica is a mom to three, wife to 1 and group fitness instructor at two locations in Rochester, MN.  She has a passion to help women realize their true strength and gain confidence as they find their own journey to getting healthier.  You can read about Jessica and Cori on the About Page.



Day 6 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge

Here are a few articles/video clips about each exercise listed in the challenge for today:

Turkish Getup (try really hard with this one!  The first time I tried it I could only do 1…so don’t give up)  Check out the video and do steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then slowly go back down to the ground with your arm still up.  You don’t need to use weights but do stick your arm up just like the video.

Segmental Rotation



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