14 Day Bodyweight Challenge…Day 7

Day 7 is our halfway point in the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge!  You can find the post below with the challenge for today.  If you missed the start of this challenge…you can find Day 1 right here!

We have a lot going on here at The Journey and I wanted to highlight a few of our favorite things and make sure that you know about these too!

  • The Journeys of those we call Groupies.  These are stories of REAL people…just like you.  We’ve got the before picture…the afters…and the journey as we got there.  We have a few stories featured and are always ready to feature another person that has a journey.  I have a lot of people that say they want to or they are thinking about it but I don’t always get that e-mail with their info back.  If you have a story you would like to share about your journey, we would love to chat with you!  Everyone has a different story and everyone will inspire someone…no story is too small.  You might think that you can’t share your journey until you are at that finish line…and we love “in the progress” journey’s too!  If you are interested in sharing your story, e-mail us at smallchangesbigpicture@gmail.com
  • Recipes.   I’ll be honest…this is not my strong point and I prefer recipes with a picture so I have something to go off of and a goal for what I’m creating.  But, as we find recipes that we like we will share them with you!  This is an area we could use some help with at The Journey and we could use some of you creative cooking geniuses on our team.  Do you have something yummy that you would like to share?  We would be glad to get that from you and share on your behalf (and give you the credit for the tasty treats!).  You could also be a guest writer for a day and share any cooking tips or creative cookies ideas that you might have.

We have a few new things coming too that we are working on…a giveaway from 2 different companies, an update on the gym that is being created at my house AND some personal journey stuff coming from me and some from Cori.

Thanks for being here…and if you are interested in being on the team for Journey and getting creative with us…we’d love to chat with you!


Jessica is a mom to 3, wife to 1, fitness instructor at two locations in Rochester, MN and is just a busy momma.  🙂  




Day 7 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge



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